“Owen, are you ready? Do you have to pee before we go?” 


Owen says, “No,” but, before long, it’s, “Um…Mom…I gotta go!” He really should have listened and gone when he had a chance. Now, he’s squirming. Even thinking of something else isn’t helping. Luckily for him, grampa knows exactly what to do; he’s had a lot of practice over the years. He teaches Owen the best way to hold the urge off for just long enough, with the help of some fun and funky dance moves: the Tinkle Twist, the Wee-wee walk, the Piddle Patter, and the Leaky shake. Before long, Owen’s jumping in with some moves of his own! Artist Frank Viva, the acclaimed author of A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse and Young Frank, Architect, doesn't mind getting his feet wet as he dives into what can be a harrowing topic for children—and grampas—turning it into a hilarious, liberating, and joyful romp. 


AUTHOR: Frank Viva
DIMENSIONS: 7.3" x 11"

ISBN: 978-1-66266-507-3

Pub date: September 5, 2023

Rave reviews are pouring in:

Selected for Publishers Weekly’s Early Reader Spotlight
One of Kirkus Reviews' 150 Most Anticipated Fall Books 

“I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this! Frank Viva is a cool artist.” —Elizabeth Bird, A Fuse #8 Production, School Library Journal

“Funny—and comically instructive.” — Kirkus Reviews

“In this rollicking and appropriately goldenrod-washed comic, Viva assures readers that no one ever outgrows needing to go.” — Publishers Weekly

“Frank Viva is always fresh and funny. Not talking down to anyone. A kind and whimsical spirit. One of a kind.” — Maira Kalman

“A hilarious and liberating romp….Unreservedly recommended.” — Midwest Book Review

“A lot of fun! I keep track of as many books as I can on this topic … a great fit for older kids…helpful and humorous and normalizes things that can be really embarrassing. The illustrations are great, as is the grandad/grandson relationship.” – MD, Educator, University of Maine

"Kids are always going to need to use the bathroom at inconvenient times. However, Frank Viva’s Gotta Go! makes those moments easier for everyone involved by teaching kids the tools to ignore the urge through a fun package that’s easy to read." – How to Love Comics

"This entertaining tale with all its squirmy, wiggly physical humor, marked by Viva's sleek, styled illustrations, also includes practical tips for children who have to go but aren't in a place in which to do so.” – The Horn Book

About the Author​


FRANK VIVA is an award-winning illustrator and designer who lives in Toronto, Canada. He is a cover artist for the New Yorker and an occasional children’s picture book reviewer for the New York Times Book Review. His first picture book, Along a Long Road, was a New York Times 10 Best Illustrated Children’s Books selection. His book Young Frank, Architect, created for the Museum of Modern Art’s publications department, has been translated into 13 languages. His first chapter book, Sea Change, was a New York Times Editors’ Choice selection and the winner of the 2017 Violet Downey Book Award (Canada). Two of his books have been finalists for the Governor General’s Literary Awards. Frank is an early riser and begins his day at around 5:30 a.m. Some say it is because he is an industrious fellow, but we know better.


Will Owen be left high and dry?

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