Pathways Rhythms

November 2019


During the month of November our Tuesday prayer readings focus on remembering and giving thanks for those who stand beside us past and present. Joyce Rupp says,

As I grow older, I feel increasingly in touch with my spiritual ancestors. I believe the bond we had with our loved ones when they were alive remains firm even though they are no longer physically with us. When I celebrate All Saints Day, I honor not only the officially canonized saints of the church but all dear persons whose lives reflect goodness (God-ness).

November Calendar

Listening Together
Mondays, 7-8:30pm

Contemplative Sit
Tuesdays, 8-8:30am

Lectio Divina
Wednesdays, 8-8:30am
November 6, 13, 20
(followed by optional 20min community conversation)

Advent Visio Divina
Wednesdays, 8-8:30am
November 27, December 4, 11, 18
(followed by optional 20min community conversation)

Centering Prayer
Thursdays, 8-8:30am
November 7, 14, 21

Praying With Creation
Fridays 8:00-8:45am
November 8, 15, 22

Spiritual Directors Day Away*
Monday, November 11, 9am-2pm

Inklings Group*
Monday, November 18, 9am-12pm

Looking forward to December

Iona Healing Prayer
Tuesday, December 3, 12-12:30pm

*Registration Required


As a November practice,

...reflect on your physical and spiritual ancestors:

Who are the teachers and mentors who influenced the way you live now?

Whose wisdom has become your own?

Who showed you how to persevere through difficulty?

Whose spirituality or theology influenced your own?

Who brought you joy, laughter, delight?

What ancestors retain a special place in your life?

We clasp the hands of those who go before us,

and the hands of those who come after us;

we enter the little circle of each other's arms,

and the larger circle of lovers whose hands are joined in a dance,

and the larger circle of all creatures, passing in and out of life.

Who move also in a dance, to a music so subtle and vast

that no ear hears it except in fragments. 

-Wendell Berry-


Giving thanks for and blessing

our animal companions

Humans, dogs and pot-bellied pigs gathered on October 6 for Pathways Retreat’s annual St. Francis Animal Blessing. A walk through the woods, blessing service and snacks made for a delightful afternoon. Next year’s animal blessing will be on St. Francis’ actual feast day – October 4. Mark your calendars! Photo credit: Jeff Logenbaugh


Advent Visio Divina

Wednesdays, Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11, 18

We invite you to join us for Advent Visio Divina at Pathways. Facilitated by artist and spiritual director, Sylvie Gudin, this spiritual practice of praying with our eyes invites us to notice, connect, discern, and respond, to be surprised and transformed by God who is never limited or tied to any image, but yet speaks through them.
Image credit: Peaceable Kingdom  by John August Swanson


Pathways Retreat is a spiritual retreat center for

Rest, Reflection and Renewal.


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