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ITAT Club Presidencies

Bingham HIgh Leadership Training

Ringing In the New Year

Happy new year! Bingham ITAT started the new year off right, hosting the ITAT quarterly leadership training. The leadership training took place on January 18th, 2020 in West Jordan, Utah. The students of Bingham ITAT prepared workshops, games, lessons, and fun activities that were based around vaping and tobacco education.  ITAT presidencies were divided into 5 groups and rotated through different workshops  in preparation for their elementary/middle school presentations. Bingham High ITAT was very well prepared to share information, hold activities that added value to each workshop, and develop a sense of camaraderie between the ITAT clubs. The training was rewarding for all who attended. 


ITAT students working together during a workshop


Evie Mahi from Skyridge High sharing her experience


Auro Sosi, Bingham ITAT/POP advisor welcomes students to the leadership training

Pacific Islander Tobacco Facts:

"Youth tobacco use is highest among Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, who make up almost a quarter — 23.4 percent — of U.S. teens who currently use a tobacco product" -CDC​

According to the CDC, Native Hawaiians and PI youth comprise almost one quarter of all teen tobacco use in the U.S. Tobacco disproportionately effects ethnic minority populations. This is due to heavy advertising in ethnic minority neighborhoods, and sponsoring culturally linked events like powwows and AAPI month. In addition, the CDC states that "The report found that, during 2014-17, current use of any tobacco product was highest among Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders (23.4 percent) and American Indians and Alaska Natives (20.6 percent), followed by multiracial persons (16.5 percent), whites (15.3 percent), Hispanics (14.6 percent), blacks (11.5 percent) and Asians (5 percent)." 

Full article here:


Pineview ITAT students

ITAT continues to help their local communities. Pineview ITAT students are involved in a schoolwide fundraiser for a 4 year-old boy in their community named Gavin. Gavin has a rare form of Leukemia and needs special treatment. To help, Pineview ITAT is hosting a Luau on February 12th, where they will provide Polynesian foods and perform cultural dances and songs for guests. 



Provo High ITAT Students

In addition, Provo High ITAT has been working hard on their presentations and performances.

 "In preparing for our presentations at the nearby elementary schools, we also wanted to showcase our ITAT students and let the other kids know, that because our students are not vaping and doing harmful things, they are able to do hard things. They are able to learn dances that are fast and complex and difficult to learn. They have more energy and are happier in all aspects. They are living proof of how you can survive and still be happy without vaping." 

-Flo Toleafoa, Provo ITAT advisor


Be smart, don't start!


Tobacco/Vaping Facts: 

(Utah DOH,,

​-Vaping increases risk of chronic lung diseases by 30% (USA Today)

-37% of 12th graders in 2018 reported they vaped (USA Today)

-Since December 10th, 2019, there have been 2,409 cases of vaping related injuries and 52 deaths nationally (USA Today)

-One Juul Pod can contain as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes (SL HD)

-In Hawaii, there have been 4 cases of sever respiratory illnesses associated with vaping, 2 of which were adolescents (HI HD)

-25.5% of Hawaii high school students vape (HI HD)

                                           Diabetes Facts: 

-Smokers are 30-40 more likely to develop diabetes than non-smokers (CDC)

-Smoking increases insulin resistance (CDC)

-Smokers with diabetes have increased risks for complications such as amputations, retinopathy, kidney and heart disease. (CDC)


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