Spring 2017

"No matter where life takes you the place that you stand at any given moment is holy ground. Love hard, and love wide and love long and you will find the goodness in it." Susan Vreeland 

Hello All,

This is my first newsletter! I want to keep you posted on upcoming events and ways we can stay connected. I'm back in Northern California after several months away at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas and assisting a women's retreat in Baja. Life has surely taken me to some interesting places lately and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've gained from these experiences and practices through the following offerings. 

Spring always has me contemplating how to utilize this fresh energy to start new projects and creatively express what has been brewing all winter. I ask, 'what is being called forth in this cycle?' As I continue my work as an Ayurvedic Practitioner I feel the call to keep serving, to live in harmony with nature the best I can, and to listen courageously to the guidance within.

I invite you to join me and ignite this new season with a greater commitment to your health, and to honor your deepest truth.

Wishing you a wonderful spring and I hope our paths cross again soon. 

Much Love, Camina



Ayurveda Retreat for Women

We have two spaces left on our weekend retreat, April 21-23rd at Silent Stay Retreat Center in Vacaville, CA. Contact us ASAP if you'd like to join! Learn More


Wellness Hike 

We'll be hiking, practicing yoga, and serving an Ayurvedic lunch on April 29th from 9:30am-1pm in Armstrong Woods, CA. Sign up by emailing or register here.


Yoga Classes  

Tuesdays 6-7:15pm (Yoga Flow)   Wednesdays 10-11:15am (Yoga Nidra) Thursdays 7-8:15pm (Yoga Nidra)

Dates & Locations


Health Consultations

Find out your Ayurvedic Constitution and receive support around your diet and lifestyle, or be guided through a rejuvenative Spring Cleanse. 
Learn More

Ayurvedic Cooking  

Wanting a private cooking class, or looking for Ayurvedic education and meal preparation for your next retreat or event? 
​Contact Me



Yoga Nidra CD





Women's Ayurveda Retreat  

See photos and testimonials from last year's retreat here.​​

What is a Wellness Hike?  

A 'Wellness Hike' is a mini day retreat designed get you unplugged for your devices and plugged into the lifeforce of the earth. We hike for about an hour, practice gentle yoga together, and then serve you a home-cooked, organic, Ayurvedic meal. See photos from our previous hikes here.

Upcoming: Montana Retreat  

Join us this fall for an Ayurveda & Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Big Sky County. The retreat is October 5-8th, 2017 at the Double T River Ranch in Clyde Park, Montana. Catch the early bird special and register by May 15th! Learn More

Thank You!   

Thank you to Open Sky Retreat Space for having us last weekend for our Silent Day Retreat. It was a beautiful day of rain and sun and shared sense of peacefulness. Both my mom and I were honored to be there with you all and we'll keep you posted on the date of the next retreat. Namaste.


"Harmonize with Nature, Walk a Path of Balance"