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February 17th is National Caregiver Appreciation Day. We, as a team, always carry the deepest appreciation for the hard work and selfless sacrifices so many wonderful caregivers make day in and day out. You inspire us!

Thank you for choosing to do the work you do to make a difference in the lives of others.

Licensee Bi-Monthly Conference Call - Tomorrow

Click here to see the recent provider alert for the 2/14/24 Bi-Monthly Licensee Conference Call agenda and the link to join the meeting.

Reminder: HCBS Mandatory Training

See the 1/9/24 provider alert about the mandatory training requirement for all licensed providers and care staff. HCBS (Home & Community Based Services) IBL (Individually Based Limitations) training must be completed by all licensees and staff by March 31, 2024.​​

Tip of the Week - Legal Documents


If residents have legal paperwork, such as POA (Power of Attorney), a POLST (Portable Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment), letters of guardian or conservatorship, or an advanced directive and healthcare representative, be sure to ask for, and maintain copies of these documents in the resident's record

What if a resident doesn't have these documents? If a resident does not already have these documents, you cannot require them to obtain these documents; however, you do need to have a conversation with the resident about their right to make health care decisions​ in Oregon. Be sure to document this conversation.

EQC Course Option


Do you need to take Ensuring Quality Care (EQC)? We offer a fully online, flexible option that is available year-round. Follow the steps below to get started: 


Step #2: Register for one of our upcoming EQC preparation sessions:​​​​​

Step #3​: Register for the course. After you attend the preparation session, you will receive the link to register and start the course.

Click here for more information

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