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Week #26

Sixth Beaumont Art Museum Annual, 1957, exhibition catalogue, Beaumont Art Museum, May 19 to June 2.

Just like that we are halfway through the year. And the season of storms is upon us again. Dusti Bongé in her lifetime, of course. went through her fair share of storms here on the coast. She always took them in stride and allowed them to inspire her work. Thus, there is one work titled September Storm in the Estate collection.

Here in this exhibition brochure from 1957 we see another work by Dusti titled Summer Storm. It is listed under number 3 in the catalogue.

You will notice that this brochure is from the Beaumont Art Museum. Beaumont, Texas, was a thriving city, literally a Boomtown, before Houston eventually took its place. When, in 1901, oil was discovered in the lumber town of Beaumont it changed the face of the place overnight. Beaumont put the state of Texas on the “oil map” and became a dynamic and diverse cultural center. The Beaumont Art Museum, now called the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, was founded in 1950 and over the years was housed in several locations. It serves as an important regional institution in the South. 

The Museum started its Beaumont Art Museum Annual in 1951. Per our records, Dusti participated in the annual show from 1954 through 1958. Just one of the many venues where Dusti’s art graced the walls during her career. 

Have you seen this work?

Currently we do not know the status or location of this abstract expressionist work called Summer Storm, nor can we be certain of what it looks like. If you have ever seen this painting, or have any knowledge of the work or its whereabouts, we would love to hear from you. We have been learning about several previously unknown (to us) works from various people and we are most grateful for their contribution to our knowledge base. Thank you!

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