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WTF Week

Waiting for the solar eclipse (on Saturday morning if you're in Europe), let's take a mercurial tour through this electric astrological week.

On Monday, Venus exits her personal Cinderella story in Virgo and places the Libran tiara upon her head. 4:28 pm on the West Coast, 7:28 pm on the East Coast. Venus gets her groove back, and the air signs rejoice!

Eeyore says: Venus is still in Virgo in sidereal astrology.

True, but that's harder on the air signs in vedic astrology (not western).

On Tuesday, Our old friend Uranus boogies into retrograde, reminding us that the last 4 days or so have had their fair share of unexpected twists, turns, and surprises, and that this won't abate until the following week.

Uranus turning retrograde, this time around, will unleash a torrent of raw energy, so be careful to use it wisely. I say, go to your depths and make a difference in your communities.

On Wednesday, the Sun conjoins retrograde Mercury. Mercury's practical jokes have been teaching us all those lessons in patience, and the Sun lights up that genius capacity within you to reveal ... a powerful day for the mind. Unexpected news? Finding the missing puzzle piece? Deciding to change course? Om Hreem Budhaya Namaha.

On Thursday, Venus in Libra squares Saturn (Rx) in Capricorn, as Saturn and Uranus almost complete that trine. Mars, meanwhile, is just a few days from backing into Capricorn, hovering at 0 Aquarius.

This could be a very productive day around home and family, highlighting women, girls, and relationships. Make business connections, but be cautious. Whatever comes up, git r dun.

On Friday, retro Mercury in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio. It'll be an interesting day for the fixed signs. Scorpios and Aquarians have a chance to shine, Leos to communicate from the heart, and Taurus will find home and relationships highlighted (remember, you're all on the same team!).

Oh, and then on Saturday we have a solar eclipse at 19° Leo. This eclipse is Leo AF. Hopefully that means you're being creative, strengthening your body and mind, loving life, and making love not war. But I don't know what the eclipse highlights in your chart, so it's hard to generalize. Look to the house of Leo in your tropical chart, whole signs from the Sun and Ascendant (e.g. Leo is the 9th house from Sagittarius and the 3rd house from Gemini), and any planets or angles highlighted through conjunction or opposition to the eclipse. This part of your life will be highlighted for at least the next four months.

There's a great deal of electricity in the air this week, from Uranus stationary to Mars stationary in Aquarius to an active, retrograde Mercury highlighted by a solar eclipse in the sign of the lion. Yes, expect the unexpected.

And if I try to channel that lion for a sec, he's saying: ...

Be patient, gather your mental resources, and at some point in the not too distant future, be ready to go for it.

May all beings be happy and free!

What should I do next? I'm considering the following, so please let me know what you'd like to see or hear:

1. Locational Astrology Podcast? Some other kind of podcast? (I already have a potential partner, a sharp English gal.)

2. YouTube Astrology? (I have a YouTube channel, but have only uploaded one video ... still undecided.)

3. Facebook Live video streaming? (Free readings? Informal classes? Current astro weather?)

4. New writing? (What would you like to read about?)

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