Hello friends! Welcome to our first ever Little Lavender Farm newsletter!  We hope this will be a welcome addition to your in-box, offering something beautiful, inspiring, or uplifting to start your month. 

So I hope you enjoy the newsletter! And let's get started!

Something Beautiful:  Fall Centerpieces

A little lavender in your Fall centerpieces adds elegance, color, and aromatherapy all at once!  Lavender can be added to an existing centerpiece, or you can do what I do and walk around outside, picking up an interesting thing here and sniping something beautiful there.  Every centerpiece then becomes a unique celebration of all the beauty around your home that Mother Nature has to offer!


Something Delicious:  Herbes de Provence



• 2 tablespoons dried rosemary

• 2 tablespoons dried savory

• 2 tablespoons dried thyme

• 2 tablespoons dried marjoram

• 2 tablespoons dried lavender buds

• 1 tablespoon dried oregano

• 1 tablespoon dried tarragon

(Other optional ingredients:  basil, parsely, fennel.  There are many herbes de Provence recipes out there.  The one above is the most basic.  Add other herbs to make it your own creation!)


1. Crush rosemary as desired; transfer to a mixing bowl. Stir savory, thyme, marjoram, lavender, oregano, and tarragon, with the rosemary. Store in a spice jar between uses.  I love sprinkling this on potatoes and chicken! 

Something Crafty: Lavender Ornament

This rustic ornament is an beautiful and easy addition to your Christmas tree or as a substitute for mistletoe to hang from your doorway! This would also be a fun activity for kids and parents to do together!


  • 3 small sticks, 3-4 inches long
  • Two short and one long pieces of twine
  • Small bouquet of lavender (10-12 stems)


1) Tie two of the sticks together with the short pieces of twine in an X pattern and secure with a knot.  Repeat. (photo 1)

2) Tie the last sticks together with the long piece of twine and secure with a knot.  Bring the long pieces to the top and tie a knot (this is your hanger) (photo 2)

 3) Attach the small bundle of lavender by starting at the bottom on of the side sticks with lavender buds facing down from the top of the ornament and wrapping the lavender with twine to the sticks. Wrap until you reach the top and then tie a knot to secure the twine.  (photo 3)


Something Useful:  Mask Spray


Is coffee breath in your mask bringing you down?  Well get yourself some mask spray to add a little aromatherapy to your mask time!  Here's how to make your own:


  • 2 oz spray bottle
  • 4-5 drops of essential oil (of course I think that lavender is the best choice here!)
  • witch hazel -- helps to prolong the scent and is a great skin soother
  • distilled water -- helps to extend shelf life


Add essential oil to the bottle and then fill half with witch hazel and half with distilled water.  Shake to mix and then spray away!


Another option if you don't have witch hazel or distilled water on hand is our lavender or rose geranium hydrosol sprays.  Hydrosol is the byproduct of the oil distillation process and is comprised of distilled water and small amounts of essential oil and plant material.  It's 100% natural and made right here on the farm -- and turns out, it's a great mask refresher!

Something To Think About: Tough Times


I first wrote this essay about my grandparents a few years ago, but it seems appropriate to revisit now.  I hope you will find inspiration from their story.

Winnie’s first memory was of her father being laid out for burial.  He was wearing bright white socks. She was 2 ½.

The day that her father was buried, her Grandfather Napier came and took Winnie and her mom Ruth and her little sister Jeanette and big brother Son to his farm in Alabama. This was where she swept the dirt in the front yard and caught frogs with her cousins. It’s where she was pulled from quicksand by her brother hanging down from a tree limb. It’s where she and as many uncles, aunts and cousins as could squeeze into (or hang onto) her grandfather’s new car would ride into town for supplies.  This was where she learned the strength of family.  Read more

I hope you've enjoyed our first newsletter! Please feel free to send article ideas and I will try to include them in future newsletters.

Wishing you a beautiful November!  

​Pam Baker, owner of Little Lavender Farm