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Under the Mics

Featuring re-rings in the toms and bass, this drumset lives under the mics in our photo booth and are coming soon to a demo video near you! 7½x12, 14x14, 16x20, 6x14; plied maple; satin wax.


Lighter than Black 6-pc

Time to cover some 80s Rock!  10-12-13 on a 22...dust off your can of hairspray!  OH! and this one shows up with a first-time-I've-tried-it new color recipe, so I put a "demo discount" on it. 7x10, 8x12, 8¾x13, 16x16, 14⅔x22, 5½x14; plied maple; satin wax.

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Red Satin Flame Beertap Tube Snare

Ready to shine under bright under the stage lights, this curious 5x15's got it all with a plied maple shell holding our Single Node Tube Lugs dressed up with a Beer Tap strainer/butt setup. Come see us at the 3rd Annual Las Vegas Drum Show​ on March 30th, 2024 and have a chance to win this snare drum! 5x15; plied maple; Red Satin Flame Wrap.


Cable Field Snare

Brought this one back to life! The owner of this nifty field snare acquired the drum as it was originally: a mounted floor tom. A little refinishing, recutting of the bearing edges, dressing deep snare beds, and installing (customer-provided) Black Swamp Multisonic Strainer, this Field Snare is ready to cover the concert band and the orchestra! 10x14; plied maple; satin wax.


Natural Concert Tom Set

The "Middle Set" of concert toms (10"-12"-13"-14") just wasn't quiet enough for this 12"-13"-14"-15" it is!  Note the modification of the depth of the 12" to an inch deeper than normal to keep the depths all the same tidy 1" apart -- lovin' the details!! 10x12, 11x13, 12x14, 13x15; plied maple; satin wax.

From the Archives

A look into some past projects


Brown-n-Brass w/Mics (2011)


Dennis Tribute (2012)

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