May News from Core Virtues

This is a different kind of May -- not the jubilant celebration of Spring facilitated by rising temperatures, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips abloom.  Instead, as the world-wide shutdown continues, one that requires resourcefulness and yes, a gritty approach to this month's virtue of hope. In the Telling our Stories blog, we highlight endurance, planning, work, and memory as key attributes of hope, and particularly of POW Hope Miller. To see those qualities in action in 2020, scroll to the "Sound of Hope," where third, fourth, and fifth graders in a Core Virtues school give us something to cheer about. Finally, we've spotlighted below some fabulous new resources for the housebound.

Check out our "May Heroes" section for the uplifting stories of Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  These two World War II leaders are exemplars of hope in hard times. Both overcame personal and public obstacles without bitterness. Not only did they keep the flame of hope alive for themselves, they inspired those they led, and encouraged all of us to "never give in -- never, never, never, never!"


What's New?

This month we recommend two resources that are especially valuable during this Stay at Home time. The first is the website What Do We Do All Day. Chock full of games, kid activities and so many booklists.  Picture books, chapter books, classics, folktales - you name it there is a list of books to look for at your local library or bookstore. However, if your library and bookstore are closed, you might want to check out the Epic app. This site offers tons of books, videos and audiobooks for your kids. You can fill in their age and interest profiles and try it with a month-long free trial.  If you like it, after that it is $6/month.

The Sound of Hope at a CV School

To see the gritty and glorious side of hope in action, check out Crossroads Academy's Lower School string ensemble (in quarantine since early March)  playing "Morning Lights" by Brian Balmages.  They practiced diligently and independently, and now bring it together online. They are led by music teacher and conductor par excellence Glee Charlestream.  Bravo to Crossroadians and Mr. Charlestream!  You'll find them at: For more on Crossroads Academy, a K-8 Core Knowledge-Core Virtues school, see

Telling Our Stories


“Hope is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul …”

But my reflections on hope (especially in this time of confinement) are grittier.  Read more...