Winter 2019

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”  -Mary Oliver

Hi friends,

Here we are, having turned the corner into the new year and making our way through the last weeks of winter. As we gear up for my most favorite (and cheesiest) of holidays I want to dedicate this newsletter to cultivating love through our daily practices and connections with others.

Below you'll find a simple rose tea recipe, as well as, a couple Ayurvedic practices that drop us deeper into the heart space. If you're wanting more specific self-care recommendations for your unique constitution, check out some of my other offerings that can support your daily routines and rituals. Why not amp up the the self-love this month?!

Coming up, I'll be cooking for another one of Jennifer Maraccini's Weekend Retreats in Ojai, California on April 26th-28th, 2019. All are welcome on this wonderful and rejuvenative weekend whether you are a novice yogi or seasoned practitioner. I'm thrilled to be part of this beautiful team and to be sharing more seasonal foods and healing recipes. See the link for more info.   

Also, mark your calendars on October 5th, 2019 for another day-long silent retreat my mom and I will be holding at Open Sky Retreat Space in Sebastopol. It will be a day filled with guided contemplative practices along with time and space to just be in nature. Email me if you'd like to reserve a spot. We'll be posting the official registration and more details soon.  


Thanks for tuning in and have a great rest of the winter season. May you stay warm and cozy in the embrace of all and those you love! 




Ayurvedic Health Consultations    

Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with nature and adjust our diet and lifestyle practices throughout the cycles and rhythms of the year.

Making proper adjustments from one season to the next is one way we can really optimize our health. As we become aware of our constitutional tendencies we can better tend to the ever-changing needs of our body, mind, and spirit, which is key in preventing dis-ease.  

One of the diagnostic tools we use in Ayurveda is reading the pulse. The  pulse holds the elemental make-up of our base constitution (prakruti), as well as, our current imbalances (vikruti). In a full consultation we use the pulse, along with other methods to paint the full picture of who you are and assess what elements need to increase or decrease (through foods, herbs, yogic practices, sense therapies, etc.) to move towards balance. 

Curious how Ayurvedic can support you? Interested in learning about ways you can shift from winter to spring with more ease? 

*Make an appointment here.


  • Yoga Nidra
  • Elemental Yoga Flow
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Guided Meditation

*Inquire about private, or in-home yoga or meditation packages.


Employee Wellness Programs  

  • Create a 6-12 week program to jumpstart the health of your team! This can include a combination of weekly yoga classes, meditation recordings, and educational classes on how to use mindfulness practices to increase well-being, productivity, as well as, play a larger role in preventative healthcare.

Chair Yoga + Mindfulness Meditation 

  • 30-minute, 45-minute, and 1-hour sessions are available before or after work, during the lunch hour, or in preparation for a meeting or event. 

Yoga in the Workplace    

  • Yoga is becoming a core component to work-life balance worldwide. I've had the privilege to teach yoga in some of the leading tech companies in the Bay Area and it's amazing to witness how this ancient practice is bringing more peace of mind to our overly stressed and highly sensory stimulated society. Is yoga a part of your company culture??  

*Send 'Wellness At Work' inquiries to


Ayurvedic Cooking + Meal Delivery

Need a break from cooking? Looking for a chef for a special event or retreat?

Sometimes food shopping, prepping, and cooking can feel daunting. If you're needing a little support, consider a personalized meal plan, or ready-to-eat, local, organic meal delivered to your door step. I'm also available for menu design and cooking for large groups. Reach out here​!


  • Self-Abhyana is also known as a warm oil lymphatic massage. Use an oil that is appropriate for your constitution and make long strokes up your arms and legs towards your heart to help move the lymph. Create friction around your joints using a circular motion to build heat and support circulation. 'Snehana' in Sanskrit means oil, but it also means love. Oiling the skin has traditionally been a practice of offering love to the body, making it a great time to repeat affirmations or chant mantras. This practice can also be shared with a partner or lover. Applying the oil before or after a shower or bath can really help with absorption. Here is more info from Banyan Botanicals on specific oils to use, and more of the many benefits.  
  • Heart Opening Meditation - place your hands on your heart center, either in prayer position (anjali mudra) or hands placed one on top of the other (svastika mudra). Find a comfortable seated posture, close your eyes and take several long, deep breaths. Listen in to the rhythm of your heart beat. Notice how the currents of breath ride along side the heart beat. Remain still as you observe the sensations of breath expanding and contracting from the chest as your hands rise and fall. Even if you only have a few minutes time, this can reset the nervous system, slow down the racing mind, and connect us deeply to our own inner space. To close this meditation bow the head towards the heart center, giving thanks. 

    Om Shanti ~ Om Peace 

    *Newsletter photos by: Gianna Keiko Photography​ and Karen Prosen 


    "Harmonize with Nature, Walk a Path of Balance"