Love Letters for Heart Living

Delightful December Light

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our holidays are in full swing with bright sparkly lights, candles glowing and winter solstice approaching which calls us to remember the light hidden in the darkness. December is the time of year to invoke light and warmth to restore the world to life. In many traditions, people gathered building bonfires, danced under the stars and served specialty foods and drink to warm the heart and strengthen the soul.

As I asked my Angel Team what message to share this month, the resounding answer was LIGHT and how to activate light in new and wonderful ways. So I listened, tuned into my heart and transcribed this love letter.

May the special light in your heart be inspired to bring forth a new and different light to shine during this holiday season as you enjoy reading Love Letters for Heart Living.



Every heart has a special light to shine in the world. When we are feeling love, compassion, kindness, calm and harmony, our heart’s electromagnetic field radiates the feeling into the environment; letting others pick up our energetic beams. We can actually “sense” someone beaming positive emotions, such as love, when they walk into a room, greet you, smile for no reason or give you a big hug. My beloved animal spirit companion, Indigo, knows exactly what I’m feeling each day and responds accordingly. Both people and animals respond and react to the energetics of our environments. 

Scientifically, this energetic communication has been proven through studies provided by HeartMath® Institute. Because my passion for heart-focused living is my life service, I became a HeartMath® certified coach and trainer. By teaching, coaching and leading groups in stress reduction techniques and learning the power of emotions, positive energy flows and coherency happens in our world creating greater peace and harmony.

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take a few extra deep breaths into your heart area throughout each day. Activate the feeling of appreciation and gratitude for your life as you breathe, then radiate this feeling of appreciation and gratitude so others can feel it. Watch the difference of how this makes you feel as you interact with others by shining your heart light! 

You can learn more about successful client results using heart-focused techniques by reading more here.



This is the time of year when we spend more time with our families and colleagues. These relationships can present old wounds to flare up from the past or current happenings. Many times we hold onto past grievances and unforgiveness that make these gatherings uncomfortable or even dreaded.

However, the choice is yours whether to continue in the cycle of repeated behavioral patterns or make a new change. Believe me, it takes time and focused effort for healing deep hurt, betrayals and misunderstandings. One of the best ways to stop old patterns of behavior is to shed a new light by sending the person or situation this mantra:

May they be blessed.
May they be happy.
May they be loved. 

This simple mantra sheds a new light from your heart to the situation or person. By sending this positive energy up and out, it helps you feel better and begins the shift from holding “in” the emotions of resentment, blame, anger or victimization. As I have experienced, repeating this mantra provides a calm platform to respond instead of react when certain interactions occur.  Who could you send this mantra to or what one could you create on your own that resonates with your heart to shed a new light?



On my kitchen counter, I have a votive candle holder that I light daily. This candle represents the souls in light, no longer gracing our earth, who are communicating to me in new and wonderful ways from above.

I started lighting a daily candle faithfully last July when I lost my beloved neighbor and friend Ruth. We were friends for 25 years, lived beside each other for 18 years and were avid garden advocates and rebels in our condo community. When she left this earth, it felt like a huge hole had been carved into my heart. I had a breakdown that I hadn’t experienced before and it scared me to be in this type of darkness.

“Honor her light” a sweet Angel voice whispered in my ear one morning when I couldn’t get out of bed…again. I found a votive candle holder, placed 8 hearts surrounding it, each representing a decade Ruth lived upon earth. Lighting candles has always symbolized light in the darkness of life, especially individual life.

To this day I faithfully light a new candle morning and night. I look at this candle flame throughout the day, smile and send Ruth a heart hug with honor for all the gifts she contributed to this earth. I also send a prayer of gratitude to all the souls in my life who have left this earth to honor their light shining down upon me now; many times giving me guidance through signs and pure miracles.  

Lighting a candle in this way is a ritual practiced by many yet it is how we perceive and feel the light as helping us heal, honor and be in illumination with our own hearts as we learn new ways of living without our loved ones physically on earth. This simple ritual has shifted my perspective of loss and darkness to light and trust; honoring the light shining from above.

May December be a delightful “light” month for you in new and magical ways.  We need more love and light in this world. If we can commit to take a few more moments throughout each day to breathe deeply, feel appreciation and love, radiate from our hearts, light a candle, shed new light on a situation...imagine how good we will feel and the difference we will make in our lives and in the lives of others.

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​Shine on, dear friends, shine on!

Many blessings filled with love and peace,


Inner Leader Movement Founder
Spiritual Intuitive


Have courage to light your own heart flame and share with others; no matter what faith, color, culture or creed, as our flames together can light up some of the darkness in this world.”
~Lisa A. Clayton

Please tune in and stay connected...