Summer is for Creativity -- for You and for Me! 


I've been enjoying time in the studio this summer -- in fact I've been going a little crazy making pendants, see below.  (August will be for rings and earrings!)  

And you have had fun in the studio too -- we've had some amazing workshops, and gorgeous art has been made.  Take advantage of the August workshop schedule, because the fall is busy with shows.  Click on the dates for more information and to sign up.

Sonia's Plate

Plates:  August 1st and August 15th

Jewelry:  July 31st and August 14th

(I may add workshops the weekend of August 28-29th. If there is interest, let me know.)

The Art of the Bail​

I love exploring all the ways a pendant can attach to a chain. Should this pendant bail be subtle or bold, plain or exuberant? Here are my favorites:  (click on the images for more information.)


Blue and Gold

Blue and Lavender

I often use tube bails. Sometimes I like the bail to be unobtrusive, using a small tube at the top of the pendant. Other pendants feature the tube as part of the design, as with this 22k gold-flecked tube. 

I also like to create a loop or a cute leaf, as with this pendant in which the the bail enhances the design.


Blue Circle


Moon Over Blue Hills

And sometimes I choose elegance, and use a curved tube swooping boldly right through the pendant itself.  This is the most challenging technique, but I love its clean, simple lines.

Occasionally I get really ambitious and craft the chain myself.  The pandemic gave me the opportunity to do some of these more time-intensive designs.


Full Moon Rising

Which bail design is your favorite?

Upcoming Shows

Come visit Joy of Glass at these fall shows:

September 4-5 Rockville arts Festival, Rockville, Booth 378

September 10-12 Northern Virginia FIne arts Festival, Reston VA

October 2nd Art on the Avenue Arlington VA

October 23-24th Ch/Art Art Walk -- Tour the studios of artists in Chevy Chase DC and Maryland -- details to come

New Wall Art


Wild Garden