June 2020 - News Flash #12 

Kia Ora. As we move into ordinary time this month, I have been pondering God's window. I hope this email brings solidarity and joy to your inbox.


Here's Looking At You Kid

Seeing separation and change from a bigger perspective Humphrey Bogart delivers the line "here’s looking at you kid" like no other. 

​Lately I have been observing separation, change and wondering about God's window. 

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The Size of Space

Just how big is creation? Now there is a way to visually see just how big an astronaut is in comparison to a planet. Check out this interactive website or view the video. Thanks to @nealagarwal. 

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Nature 365

There is a new way to take just one minute each day and experience our God in nature around the world. You can view all videos for free or sign up to receive daily emails​.

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37 Artist Studios in 4min

Berlin-based artist Falk Lehmann, (aka AKUT), recently created a collaborative project intended to connect artists around the world. “It symbolizes the connection of all individuals being part of a universal infinite, living mind, in which you don’t necessarily need to check in physically.”
37 Artists living in 30 different cities take us into their spaces.

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Christ Still Rises

Around the world much is unknown, but amidst all the uncertainty one thing remains. This powerful rendition sung by Joanne Wallace is perfect for prayer, reflection and to share with others. 

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Be Not Afraid

We all know this classic hymn. But, this new rendition gives us fresh connection through many musicians. I hope you enjoy seeing the faces of musicians whose names you may know from hymn sheets over the years. “I go before you always…”​

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Food For Thought

“God watches over us always”
~ Bl. Joachima


“Gods beauty, His goodness, His Fatherly watchful care of me and all nature pursues me everywhere” ~ Fr Julian Tenison Woods

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