Newsletter #15 - September 24 2019​​

Hello! Kia ora!

Ok, it's that time. It's a busy time and it's the time for choices to be made.

I'll keep it short today, as I have two more meetings to head off too. I'm throwing videos up all week onto social media and the YouTube channel, so do check in for those, and I'll send them all to you in another newsletter at the end of the week. 

In regards to how I think things are going, I'm really confident. Confident that we can make a good run at this and produce a really telling result. I still have community meetings and debates to attend over the next week, and they are genuinely fun.

There are two videos below for you to watch.

Right, let's go!

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Maori TV are in the Naughty Corner


So on Sunday just gone, I received an email from Maori TV as if I would like to go into the studio for an interview. Along with that there would be a panel discussion, and soundbites would 'possibly' end up in their news. 

The kicker at the end of their email? It would cost me $500 for the privilege.

Well I wasn't happy about that extortion, so I went a little nuts on Social Media calling them out on it - Spinoff and Waatea news picked up on it and this is what they had to say: 

The Fights.


The fights keep growing - it's frustrating and Council entities should be embarrassed. The latest one I joined is the Auckland Horticultural Council who are being bullied out of their premises by a Local Board. The public needs to know that this kind of thing goes on.

If you are in the Albert-Eden zone note that this is the same Local Board wanting to chop up Chamberlain Park. No surprises there.

Seems their personal ambitions and vanity projects are greater than their public service desires. They might just have forgotten what their role is.

Given its vote time, you might want to look carefully at your options.

Happy to be out with this particular community group today, and this bullying by temporary elected officials needs to stop.


Seriously it is rife and going on all over the place. This needs to be sorted and I'm ready to go. 

Dome Valley Landfill - Waste Management

Titirangi - Watercare

Western Springs - RFA

Horticultural - Albert Eden Local Board

Mt Wellington - RFA / AT / Council

Fowlds Park - Albert Eden Local Board

Westpark Marina - Panuku

Takapuna - Panuku / Council

Chamberlain Park - Albert Eden Local Board

And many more...


The Dome.


Necessities over Niceties

Grab a coffee, have a watch. I've got things to say.

No Wasted Talent

Leon the Kombi

So completely out of the blue, a gentleman who makes coffee tables in the shape of VW Kombi's produced one from his shed - in my branding. 

I have to show it off to you because it is just so awesome.

He's taken it on trips around the city already and now he's given it to me to use at my final upcoming meetings!

The support out there has been fantastic. Simply, overwhelmingly fantastic.

So I've decided to call the Kombi "Leon" - since that's who made it.

Say hello to Leon!



The amount of 'tagging' and 'sharing' I'm getting online is incredible, I know I keep talking this up, but it's so humbling and the people doing it deserve to be mentioned - the only hassle is that the list is too long. But here's a small one from the editor of the NZV8 Magazine. I didn't even know about it till someone messaged me and asked if I had seen it. Again, truly humbling and I have to perform at my best for the next three years to pay everyone back for their kindness. 


Upcoming Appearances:

"Meet the Candidate" meetings and debates. If you want to attend and need more detail on them please get in touch contact@craiglord.nz

Sept 25 - JP Commission / Anti-Poverty Commission

Sept 26 - Samoan Business Network

Sept 27 - Grey Power Howick / Pakuranga

Sept 29 - Massey Settlers Association

Sept 30 - Kohimarama (and Eastern) Residents Association

Oct 1 - Auckland Ratepayers Alliance

Alright, that's it for Newsletter #15

I'll be in touch again soon.  

Thanks so much for your interest - and please if you have any questions, feedback or fights you want me to join you on please do not hesitate to email.


My Video Library


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