Growing Up Boulder's GIFT TO YOU! 

Growing Up Boulder's Healing Toolkit

Developed in response to a 2021 Boulder violence tragedy

Dear Growing Up Boulder friends,

We are grateful for your partnership as we work to make communities more child- and youth-friendly.  As a "thank you," we are delighted to gift you with our “Healing Toolkit” to support child and youth social-emotional wellness. 

In spring 2022, Growing Up Boulder and our partner, Mayamotion Healing (MMH), worked with 21 area high school students to co-create a "Healing Day of Remembrance." This event was part of a year-long process funded by the Community Foundation Boulder County’s Boulder County Crisis Fund and facilitated by GUB, MMH, and youth to help young people heal from the 2021 Boulder tragedy.


Students formed the Youth Leadership Healing Committee (YLHC) and became healing stewards.  They then recommended that activities from the Healing Event be made available to others in the community who weren't able to attend; thus, the "Healing Toolkit" was born.

This digital toolkit introduces YLHC members’ healing stations to teachers, therapists, student leaders, and the general community.  

    Activities in this bilingual kit include:

    • Poetry wall (express your feelings through poetry)
    • Half-hearts (write/draw what you love about your community) 
    • Community altar (honor people you care about, past and present)
    • Envelope exchange (write inspiring messages to your classmates)
    • Watercolor crayon resist (use art to think about an activity you do to take care of yourself)
    • Sensory care (experience how scents can calm you)
    • Community healing puzzle (decorate a puzzle piece to remember that “we’re all in this together”)
    • Somatic experience (breathing and visualization exercises to connect bodies and nervous systems)
    • Nature as a pathway to healing (spending time in nature to promote healing)
    • Create your own wellness poster (create a poster of activities that help you heal and be resilient)

    Wellness poster created by GUB, MMH, and YLHC

    User-friendly instructions are provided in the accompanying slide deck and at-a-glance sheet.  We hope these activities will support the children and youth in your life.


      Healing Toolkit Slide Deck

      Some questions to deepen the conversation include:

      • Which activity did you most enjoy and why?
      • How can and does each member of your family take care of themselves (hint: you can use an image from the "poster" image above for inspiration)?
      • How do our bodies feel after listening to this 7-minute story called A Boy and a Bear (it’s a body scan)?

      We have also collected many resources at For more details on the Toolkit, including a complete set of materials in Spanish and English, visit our Healing webpage, or support Growing Up Boulder at and Mayamotion Healing at​.

      In community and in health,

      Growing Up Boulder, Mayamotion Healing and the Youth Leadership Healing Committee 

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