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The Fox Wish by Kimiko Aman

The Fox Wish

 One of my favorite parts about this story is that it is hard to pinpoint the moral. Instead, it is simply sweet and generous--books like this respect the childhood experience. It is about a pair of sisters who lose their jump rope and discover it in the company of happy foxes, who came across it after wishing for a game to play. The sisters marvel at the foxes, at a wish come true, and leave with the rope, feeling content and fulfilled.

By Kimiko Aman
Illustrated By 
Komako Sakai

There is a saying, "Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak." It means to sell an experience, not a product. Our impressions of life come from our senses, and when you learn to appeal to your reader's senses, you will draw their whole body into the story or concept. Experiences create long-lasting impressions.

In Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly, Gail Carson Levine suggests an exercise to improve your sense imagery: Record a day's worth of sensations.

Every hour during your day, take 5 minutes to take stock of the things you can touch, smell, hear, see, and taste. Then, ask yourself if they inspire any other feelings or emotions in you. Finally, look for ways to elaborate on them.

I would also add that you should take note of internal sensations, such as pain, hunger, relaxed muscle, movement, tickling, itching, etc.

Take time for this exercise more than once, or until you find yourself taking note of sensation without thinking. Then, as it becomes a part of your daily habit, what you learn will work its way into your writing as well.

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