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Writing Radar by Jack Gantos

Writing Radar

I was not sure of this book at first. Jack Gantos writes in a style that is not to my liking. However, this book is not about writing style; it is about becoming a writer and discovering stories in everyday life. Jack tells plenty of stories in-between, including a heartwarming story about his ambitions to become a writer as a young child and how his teachers motivated him and encouraged him along the way. I think this book would be best for young writers and English or creative writing teachers who might have students who want to become writers.

By Jack Gantos

  • There is a debate in Tennessee about censorship, race, and the stories we tell our children. Most of this article focuses on a group of people who want to ban unapproved books from schools, but there is a bit at the end which looks at the author's perspectives.
  • Amanda Gorman talks about her journey as a writer and poet.
  • Writing craft is more important than ideas.
  • The key to developing a style is to stop worrying about getting things perfect.
  • Jenny Bloomfields impressive collection of daily paintings.

Writing for Illustrators

As an illustrator, you have spent years working on your craft. You take time every day to practice and improve. You likely receive feedback from your art regularly, and even if you don't receive it directly, your art has taken shape based on how people respond to it, whether through purchases, comments, or likes on social platforms.

Writing is no different, and you shouldn't do it on a whim. Even if you intend to self-publish, you should put every effort into making your writing the best it can be. Don't use self-publishing as an excuse to make poor work.

It may take years to improve your writing and develop a style.

It would help if you found time for feedback on your writing craft. I suggest joining a writing critique group. Find a group that makes writing a priority.

I wish you the best on your journey!

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