Blessings Beautiful Light Family!

These are amazing times for sure! So much is happening in ALL levels that it is quite the experience. So much clearing, expansion, realizations, choice points, squeeze points, remembrance, you name it. The list goes on and on without end.

Every single one of us is being gifted the opportunity to choose Higher, remember more, dissolve the old in so many profound ways. Every breath, every second, every moment of the day is massively activating and offers so much you just have to stay open, allow, listen, be aware and let everything else go. Now more than ever we must become the Master Light Beings that we are, aware of everything inside and "outside" so that we can shift it, change it, learn from it and allow more Light to shine through.

The rest of the month offers continuous expansion in all levels, physically, energetically, where we get to birth whole New Earth realities with our bodies. Yes your belly will blow up, you may feel like you are bloated but you are actually in the birthing process. Whether you are in a female or male body your sacral/lower belly region is where you literally birth your new creations into life. This is why sexual energy is so powerful and has been so misinterpreted and distorted, because it holds the power of creation itself.

I've been noticing this in myself for years now and it is quite exciting. Let go of the fear, of the judgment, of the body image because this experience will not conform to anything you have ever experienced in the past. This is all about embracing it with all you got, breathing through it and allowing it fully. The more you resist, the more you are in fear, the more you force it, the more you talk to your body in a not so loving manner the longer this process will take. Let go of it all and just allow yourself the beautiful experience of birthing with your body. In fact this will not change, every time you experience a super expansive, activating code your belly will blow up and it's quite funny but beautiful all at the same time. One minute you're fine and the next minute you have a Buddha belly literally. 

We are experiencing this birthing process more and more and more now a days but do pay attention to your nine month cycles as well. What happened back in July of 2020 for you? Anything different, big, happen? For me it was actually when my partner and I left Texas. It was a very fast decision that we made and we went all in and traveled to the North of Minnesota. That was one of the most pivotal decisions of my life and it has brought so much forth. This month I am celebrating my nine month completion process where I get to welcome a whole new reality and it is beyond exciting. I am traveling again back to my home country and it will be an enormous shift that will bring much more forth.

Maybe your big catapulting moment came during another month last year, in fact every month now offers a huge new reality opportunity unlike never before. It's important to allow this flow. Change has never been something that our human egos liked, they liked predictability, fear-based control, being comfortable, logical precision and just old, fixed, dualistic constructs which goes completely against who we are. This has brought much suppression, suffering, fear, anger and so much more. But finally, we are breaking free! We are no longer being able to support that energy, we are no longer capable and our bodies will no longer hold that in place. We are shifting this whole reality, planet, consciousness with our bodies. This is why our bodies hold a huge key of this process. Listen to it, talk to it, communicate with it more and more and more. Don't worry about what other people say or what others have taught you, they too are also feeling the shift, they might not say it but they can feel it deep down.

So with all of these energies, continue to relax, rest and sleep. Allow your bed to become your new best friend. Yes, sleep is a HUGE part of this process. I like how my teacher says it, "you sleep to wake up", and with all these energies coming through, we are all needing to sleep to integrate, clear and anchor them all into our bodies. Your body has to be completely relaxed, your conscious mind completely off in order for your whole body to re-tune and re-calibrate to these frequencies and this is where sleep comes in. When you sleep, your conscious mind goes to sleep too without needing to control, without going into fear, without interfering in the process. When you sleep you can open up, relax and clear so many timelines so that you can wake up in a much higher energy. When you sleep your body is able to regenerate and break down a lot of the old grids from your physical muscles. There is so much magic that happens when you sleep and so let go of the old ways of how long you should sleep, when you should sleep and even where. It all shifts and flows as you go so just allow it.

As we continue to move and flow this month and year the energies of pure power will continue to increase and expand. We are moving from being small, insignificant, weak to being the entire universe itself, and with that it will bring much power! But it's not like the old ways of power that we've been taught, it is a completely different frequency. Your Light is your power, your BEing is your power, your frequency is part of your power, your consciousness is also part of your power. It's not a physical force that destroys but rather an energetic force that builds, re-builds and obliterates the old. We ALL have it, this isn't just for the few, but it's been suppressed and misinterpreted for a VERY long time. NOW we have the beautiful opportunity to remember what this energy truly is and how to utilize it to create, to support, to expand, to uplift, to embrace and bring back peace, purity and love to this planet.

This Wednesday, April 14th, at 1:30 pm CST/7:30 pm GMT I'll be hosting another group activation session where we will dive deeper into our own inner power to create NEW realities from within. I'll be sharing codes, breaking down walls and supporting all as I'm guided so we can all activate more, anchor more, awaken more and reconnect more with this energy at a cellular level.

Are you ready?

The energy exchange is $33 USD and you will receive the recording of it afterwards. Even if you are not able to attend once you sign up for it your energy will be included in the session and I will be able to work with it too.

The button below will redirect to the site where you will have more information and the link to sign up.

With that, I am sending you much love and deep sacred gratitude from the purity of my BEing. Thank you for all that you do and we will see you soon!

Samantha SolBright ☼

Group activation session

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