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Raven Full Moon • December 26, 2023


everything of which we consist comes and goes and changes in us, but this force, this energy we create, as a creation of a form of energy, of currents of vision which are projected, will never be lost, for every energy remains. Currents of reality are an elementary force; constantly created by us, perceivable by others. But they are not perceivable by all, for we are only able to perceive images we believe and contain.

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If these visions of reality as elementary force are sufficiently strong enough to overcome fear within our planetary reality, then they go to boundless time and space and unite with all the forces of creation which exist in the Infinite Web of Life of different energies from All Our Relations, not only those of humanity. And just as visions of reality go from us into space, so there also, All Our Relations send out visions to us, for co- creation is not only a privilege of our existence but also in other Children of the Infinite. Indeed, there exist incomparably family relationships between the species. These co-create constantly on the Path of Beauty and all these projected visions meet, forming conscious reality. Together, limits no longer exist; all influence the dynamic force of life. As we establish contact with this universal eternal ocean of the higher vibrational currents of thoughts all beings which are capable by their degree of perfection of harmony with the gravitational forces of their planets, we are also capable of harmonizing with the gravitational force of our Changing Mother, we are united with this universal cosmic ocean and our thoughts are united and combined in the eternal cosmic ocean of higher vibrational currents of thoughts. Just as plants growing upward harmonize with gravitation, just as a bird harmonizes with gravitation flying in the air, so is humanity, and combined this represents a high form of physical earth evolution, capable of harmonizing with Changing Mother’s magnetics with thought. – Our currents of thought are sufficiently strong and harmonize with Changing Mother’s magnetics, and then they traverse cosmic space, for the projection of the highest and finest energies of thought without limit and without time. Strong currents of thought are capable of crossing the universe in a moment and this eternal cosmic ocean of higher vibrational currents of thought, this universal consciousness, is evolution unfolding.


Raven…  recognized how dangerous it is to be one-sided, how dangerous it is to try to force our way of thinking, our
philosophy or religion onto others. She knew that everyone will harmonize the understanding of the four universal laws according to our degree of individual evolution. This is a very important point of EarthWisdom which, through centuries, here and there, was even forgotten by many mystics themselves. Another example of clearness and lucidity of the philosophy of EarthWisdom is Raven’s comment on the importance of affirming peace. To Raven the most important thing in life is not metaphysical speculation or the forming of a philosophy, but to bring peace to All Our Relations, right here and now.

Color & Connect to Raven Medicine
What do I need to Know?
What is my next step?

According to Raven, the first thing is to transmute the poison immediately. In your preparation bathing you released as much toxin as possible right then, transmuted right then. After we eliminated the toxin we had time to speculate on all other questions, but the ills of the world would not wait.

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According to Raven

  1. the whole world has been burning in the flames of conflict, ignorance, intolerance, and arrogance.
  2. The flame of these forces was more deadly than burning wood.
  3. We have been dousing the flame and smothering the ember fear that kept us separate from All Our Relations.
  4. We connected, and now eliminate the flames of destruction.
  5. The only way to quench the flame is through immediate manifestation of peace in each and every one of our daily lives.

And so with the Cycle of the Raven, many are recognizing the Wheel of Life as they search for an alternative life philosophy. They have chosen the beautiful and meaningful symbol of the Wheel, whose outer spiral symbolizes the discovery of personal truth, moving continuously, and whose eight directions represent the basic guidance of the Changing Mother, leading to the center of the wheel, the only point which is permanent, the act of Being. The definition of Being has always been a much discussed subject in the philosophy of EarthWisdom.

Finish the Ritual attached… Complete the Manifestation.

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Love is a force we know well here!




I first met Brooke through a letter I sent in 1992 or 3… hmmm, not sure.  From the minute I told her


about me, she became my "big sister/aunty."  We've done conferences together, hosted Brooke here through our San Diego Turtle Womyn's Moon Lodge, and just hung as family.  We even did a movie together called Women of Wisdom that was produced in 2008 by Sacred Mysteries Productions.  Brooke is a singer, author, and even though she lives in France now, continues to lead circles as an EarthKeeper of our Mother.


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