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Between now and December 10, 2022, you can get 10% off on all original paintings listed on our website, www.cumberlandriverartist.com. Just email me which painting you want to order and we'll send you an invoice via return email. FREE shipping within the lower 48! Hurry so you will get your favorite scene before Christmas!

Birds of the Cumberland

Earlier this year, Child of the Cumberland Series debuted with Morning To Remember, an 24x30  oil painting featuring a family overlooking the river during a frosty sunrise. New also this year is Birds of the Cumberland Series, launched during Larry’s one-man show November 3 at The Clarksville Collection venue featuring 22 paintings of native birds that inhabit the river basin in Kentucky and Tennessee. The series will be expanded in the near future, so watch for announcements. By the way, 10 paintings went to new homes and the remaining flock is now available on-line at www.cumberlandriverartist.com. What’s your favorite bird? 

Click, Click, Click!

Research at parks, especially where there’s water, offers wonderful opportunities for sighting various birds and water mammals, as my professional photographer friends will tell you. A recent visit to Standing Stone State Park in rural Tennessee was such a location. This historic boat house built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s provided a backdrop for these two migrating hooded mergansers. Later close-up shots with a telephoto lens caught outstanding autumn reflections, which go into my to-do file. Kodachrome was a good learning platform, but thank goodness for digital photography! 


Harbors, estuaries and rivers are full of captivating scenes as all sorts of vessels ply the Cumberland waters. Workhorse of the Cumberland, a 12x24 oil, is on display at Grand Divisions, 121 Franklin Street in Clarksville along with several other framed river canvases. Yes, they will be in the 10%-off category, too!


See these and other artworks at http://www.cumberlandriverartist.com.

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