Synergy Biz Group接受國際傳媒訪問講解香港共居情況

Synergy Biz Group received interview from international media to explain Hong Kong coliving status

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Synergy Biz Group 早前接受國際傳媒法新社報導,向記者講解香港共居情況,當中更邀請到一位宿生分享居住書匯的喜與樂。其後更獲得多間媒體如 ChannelNewsAsia, SCMP 及 lepoint報導 Synergy 的共居項目近況。

Earlier this month Synergy Biz Group received an interview from Agence France-Presse and introduced the current situation of coliving industry in Hong Kong. One of our tenant is invited to share her joy and happiness in front of the camera. And serval international media like ChannelNewsAsia, SCMP and lepoint have also reported Synergy’s coliving situation.


在六月,Synergy Biz Group 旗下項目書匯亦被 Capital CEO 資本才俊訪問,形容書匯為香港住屋問題帶來新出路。

Synergy Biz Group’s coliving project bibliotheque has also covered by Capital CEO which describes bibliotheque as a new solution of Hong Kong housing problem.


在世界盃期間,Synergy 與共居平台 合作舉辦了世界盃活動 《再看 90 分鐘 - 父親節世界盃觀賽活動》,讓大家借父親節孝順父親之餘,又可以重搭父子一起觀賽的樂趣,而活動更得到 HK01 報導。

During the world cup period, Synergy has hosted an event for the public to bring their father and watch the games together with coliving platform Moreover, this event has covered by HK01.

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