April Updates

Maintenance & Warranties are important.  Why?  When looking for the right solution for your business it is important to know and understand the risks of what maintenance and warranties mean.  Sometimes it is hard to understand what this means to your company.  In our experience your IT Equipment which is one of the main heartbeats of how your business works (electronically) through email, files and sharing of information it is important to know what your maintenance and/or warranty is and how it will minimize the risk to your business.  


Letter from Dennis

Have you noticed the trend lately with most tech companies unpublishing their support phone numbers and requiring you to use chat or their published "help documentation" only?  I sure have and it is FRUSTRATING.  I will never unpublish my phone number for my company.  My customers are free to choose the method that best suits their preferred method of communication.  Email, phone, text or private message...it's about our customers, always has and always will be.  

Thank you Life Light Creative​ for posting this important message.  


Did Someone Say Maintenance and Warranty?

Just like a car, house, mobile phone or other items you may have in your life maintenance on your IT equipment is just as important.  This helps with security updates as well as maintenance of the equipment.  Staying up to date on your systems is vital to helping secure your systems.  This means that regular security maintenance should be done.  Proper maintenance requires cost to keep up with the these updates.  By not doing these updates vulnerabilities will be not be addressed, things may stop working in some instances as the maintenance is what helps the companies keep patches, etc... up to date to protect your systems. Just as important as maintenance, warranties are important also.  Warranties for equipment can help save you money and time especially when equipment has issues and needs to be fixed or replaced.  It is important to understand and know what your maintenance and warranties are and what is best for your business based on availability. 


What Risk?

There are 2 things to know about Risk.  There is acceptable and unacceptable Risk.  Each company has to identify what is acceptable for their business on several factors.

Here is a starting list of 5 items to think about

1. What are the factors that make my Risk?

2. How much downtime can I afford?

3. How will not being secure affect my company?

4. Can I afford not being able to communicate to my customers

5. What compliance(s) do I have to have?

NOTE: Other factors will be involved

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