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Cory's Pinecone Mound

​Look at the treasures I found:

  • I wrote about my New Year's maze on my blog.
  • Austin Kleon wrote about an exciting method he uses to create new art.

New Year, New Me

Things have been a little slow picking back up, but I am confident that I will get the ball rolling soon once again.

I have decided to focus more on coloring pages and kids' activities in 2022. As a result, my writing instruction, which may be your purpose of following this newsletter, will take on a different form and appearance.

I also want to focus on offering more free goodies in my newsletter. It may take me a while to decide how much detail to include in these goodies, but I promise it will be worth waiting.

Change is important. Refining who we are and what we do is essential. Over the last few years, I have felt like a snowball rolling downhill. Picking up everything I roll in, whether good, clean snow, or the less savory, unmentionable kind.

For me, the New Year is about trimming down, getting rid of all the bad habits I've developed, reducing friction, and learning from the past.

"Saying no to the wrong things creates space to say yes to the right things." -Mack Story (Author)

I know myself, and I know my goals. So I can use that as a filter to keep myself from wandering endlessly through requests, criticism, and debates about style.

I create for children because I love to see children participate in my art, marvel at it, and wonder at it. I don't need to seek traditional publication to do that. I don't need to impress adults with sophisticated art. I don't need to change or get better. I can create from where I am at today.

This week's goodie is a coloring page, attached for download below. Please let me know what you think. Also, if you would like to share your own or your child's coloring page on social media, tag me @bycoryshaw and include the hashtag #coloringwithcory.

xx Cory

Teddy Bear Free Printable Coloring Page PDF.pdf
Teddy Bear Free Printable Coloring Page JPEG.jpg

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