Have you ever been in a situation in which you felt that you could share something that would simply enhance the conversation and bring some "light" to someone in need, but you leaned on self-doubt, instead of self-worth, and decided not to share your thoughts?  There was a point in my life during which I held my thoughts often because I felt like an "imposter", like I was not worthy of sharing such light.  That was before years of self growth and peeling the proverbial "onion skin" of a tough childhood.  I had to learn that I was created as a:

Gem of God

Feeling an emotional balance allows us to share ourselves on many levels in a healthy way.  When we are in touch with the multifaceted composure of ourselves, we will be able to enter into conversations and situations prepared to shine the inner light of our diamonds.

We may have been taught by society, family or friends to "be safe" with what we share and with our emotions and/or to "act" in a certain way depending on what is before us.  We also may have been taught that we belong in a certain box and that "people like us" do not go outside of that box.  

However, life is about growth with experience and as we "see" more, we may learn that "being safe" or "acting" may hinder the beauty of the energy that is being shared in a moment.

As we continue to grow into a fully developed human/soul, we form a "tool box" that contains all of the facets of our being and allows us to bring forth the one facet that will enhance a certain moment, conversation or experience.

Being in touch with each and every facet simply allows our diamond to sparkle as we come to know ourselves as being created as a  

Gem of God !

               Polish those Facets and allow yourself to Sparkle                   for the greater Good of All!

You are bright and you are simply "enough"!

Dr Lorri

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