FALL 2020

Roxie Munro Studio

The Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, MA, has organized an exhibition of all the original art from Inside-Outside Dinosaurs (including storyboards, dummy, thumbnails & pencil sketches) in the Central Gallery from Dec 12, 2020 to April 25, 2021!


Short animated trailer with sounds, music & colorful pics, click:  DINOS!

NPR: "Why Doing Art Helps your Brain & Makes You Feel Good" Click: Feeling Arty


Lively & informative KidLit TV Storymakers piece about how     DIVE IN was made.

Watch KidLit TV interviewer Rocco Staino color a fish!



Does how you READ affect your brain? YES! Like it or not, technology literally changes our how we THINK & ACT. Click here: TechBRAIN

Short snappy trailer for STEM Cook Prize Honor Winner BUSY BUILDERS. Click here: BUG HOMES


My illustrated interview with Cara Stevens on "Bookishly Yours." Click here: Visual Thinker

Easy peasy. What to do when students say they're BORED. Click (a hint!): GAMIFY!


Creative, cool & brave solution to a child’s need - parents started a popup bookstore! Click: Langston!

I've created lively, informative, illustrated online programs for DIVE IN (fish!) & RODENT RASCALS among other books. Check out my CILC (Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration) page or email for info on virtual online school and library visits.

My blog focuses on children's books & publishing (copyright issues, nonfiction gamification, making apps, informational vs nonfiction children's books, COPPA, conferences, more). Click here: RX BLOG

 My YouTube Channel has more than 36 videos on publishing, how-tos, kid reviews, book trailers, apps, interviews (at conferences, libraries, schools), KidLit TV Read Alouds & Storymakers: Roxie's YouTube

Free activities for kids

Explore KidLit at Home! Activities like drawing & writing; Storytime; videos & short trailers; STEM & STEAM programs ...scroll thru for rich, beautifully produced short & long programs!

Click here: AT HOME!


SIX new DIVE IN coloring sheets. Click pdfs below to download these or go to DIVE IN for all...


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