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I found some treasures for you:

The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown

The Golden Glow


The Golden Glow is about a nature-loving Fox who goes in search for a rare flower. The fox wants plans to add the flower to his collection, but when he reaches his goal, after a long journey, he must find an alternative way to cherish it. A richly illustrated picture book in a graphic art style.

By Benjamin Flouw

Why you create matters much more than your style, the tools you use, or anything else.

It will determine those things. When you understand why you create, you can map your "Creative DNA," as Andy J. Pizza calls it, and discover your style family. The results will motivate you to invest in your journey long-term.

Take stock of all the things you value. Do not rank anything or attempt to think only of things relevant to your work. Instead, allow the thoughts to come up without judgment and thank yourself for the information. You may think of your mom or the perfume she wore when you were a child, books you've read, a song you love, puppies, or your children. Get specific! Perhaps you remember something your child said or did.

Only after you have spent time meditating on what you value, make a list or a Pinterest page dedicated to all those things. Pinterest is great because you can find a visual reminder for everything that you list. Call it your "Creative DNA." Take a moment to recognize that this list is unique to you. It is your DNA.

Your list is the original YOU. And you can use it as a source of inspiration, a style guide, or a map to achieve your goals and surround yourself with only good things that make you happy.

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