Newsletter #11 - August 12 2019​​


Well today certainly had some massive news! 

It wasn't that John Palino announced his withdrawal from the Mayoralty race, it was the fact that he has publicly endorsed and thrown his support behind J. Tamihere! 

Nobody saw that bombshell coming.

I'm not concerned by that however, truth be told, I'm feeling incredibly optimistic about the whole situation. 

The feedback I'm getting is that people want a better choice for Mayor, and they are rapt about me giving it a go. I'm convinced that I am the option that Auckland is looking for, I'm different, and I've got a fresh way of doing things. 

Nobody wants long term politicians to take on the role anymore, we're all tired of that. So I'm going to work the hardest that I ever have in my life in this role, to best serve the city. It's incredibly exciting!

Anyway, let's get on with this weeks newsletter. It's not that long this week :)

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Let's go!                                               

Watch this...

I want to share a new technology with you. Well it's not entirely new, but the most modern version of a gasification system is going through its final trials.

I have spoken with the Sierra Energy people, and I'm very excited by the potential of what it can do for our city. 

Take a look .... 

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Things don't add up.


Auckland Council has signed off on the Pukekohe and Drury housing expansions - 34,000 homes in 30 years.
But there is no money for transport infrastructure - it's only short by approx $2 billion... (so that really means $3 billion).

But questions arise from this continued population increase, that directly affects transport issues.

Such as where are the majority of employment locations? 
North - South - East - West or Central? 

Why are we destroying some of NZ's finest crop crowing land to build houses?

How is the expansion going to be serviced in regards to hospitals and other important amenities?

There are many mind-boggling decisions being made and we need to find out why.

We need to re-address the rules.


The rules have been 'chopped' and changed and when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong.  

Take a read of this recent STUFF ARTICLE regarding two protected pohutukawa trees that have been destroyed.

There are arguments about trees being on private land should be private business, and I somewhat agree - but not old beauties like these ones. 

There are enough dodgy developers out there that get away with breaking the rules. We really need to take another look at it.



Now I know that a live video Q&A session on Facebook is pointless for those of you without social media - which is also ironically the main reason of having this newsletter. But I do need to let you know that I'm running them starting this Wednesday. 

However, I'm pretty sure I will be able to set up the live video to also run on YouTube - which anyone can then partake in.

My darling wife will be monitoring the chat sections to pass me any major questions that come up.

So, if I do manage to get it setup for YouTube I will send you a note to advise of it. 

It's the new world order!

And Finally.... 

Told you it would be a short newsletter this week!

But - I'm running my videos across the social media platform, so there is no reason for me to not do the same with you. 

Let's go with the one that started it all - Who Is Craig?

Upcoming Appearances:

"Meet the Candidate" meetings and debates. If you want to attend and need more detail on them please get in touch contact@craiglord.nz

August 16 - Grey Power North Shore

August 20 - Kumeu Rotary

August 26 - Titirangi Residents and Ratepayers

August 30 - Wellsford Landowners and Contractors Protection Assoc.

Sept 4 - Rainbow Auckland

Sept 6 - Karaka Residents and Ratepayers

Sept 10 - Public Transport Users Association

Sept 16 - Auckland Ratepayers Alliance

Sept 23 - Milford Residents Association

Sept 25 - JP Commission / Anti-Poverty Commission

Sept 26 - Samoan Business Network

Sept 27 - Grey Power Howick / Pakuranga

Sept 30 - Kohimarama (and Eastern) Residents Association

Alright, that's it for Newsletter #11

Have a great week, I'll be in touch again soon.  

Thanks so much for your interest - and please if you have any questions, feedback or fights you want me to join you on please do not hesitate to email.


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