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Issue 6, June/July 2021

Summer Break

I am sending this one newsletter to cover the months of June & July as I try to do a bit less over the summer. I encourage you to take some time for yourself as well before we return to a "new normal" in the fall.

Look for a return to my monthly newsletter format on the last Thursday of the month resuming on August 26th. 

Missed the inaugural newsletter in January? Read it here​.

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Revisiting Past Blog Posts

As open faculty positions begin being advertised in August, I share my experience on the academic job market and encourage applicants to carefully consider their motivations for pursuing this career path.

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I highlight tools and resources to assist you in assessing your skills, interests, and values and exploring career paths available to you via informational interviews. 

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It has been over a year of various levels of isolation and physical distancing for many of us. As we begin to reconnect with the world, we can't ignore the power of interacting with others and building networks of support that can assist us throughout our lives. 

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As we return to a new normal, graduate students and postdocs should consider how they can get involved in activities in their community. Taking on leadership roles in student or campus groups and volunteering builds valuable transferable skills as well as a sense of accomplishment that transcends one's "work".  

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Take-Aways from the GCC Virtual Annual Conference

The Graduate Career Consortium held its 2nd Virtual Annual Conference June 23-25. A variety of excellent resources and practices to support graduate students and postdocs in their career & professional development were shared with those in attendance.

A few highlights:

More to Explore - Resources for Trainees & Those Supporting Them

Upcoming NPA Events & Opportunities

  • Gender Equity Summit - July 12 & 13; Free Event, Open to All
  • IMPACT Fellowship Program - Become a partner/sponsor or apply as a fellow by August 1
    • IMPACT's goal is to increase access to opportunities for marginalized early-career research trainees to build skills, understand strengths and develop networks. IMPACT provides participants with access to personal and career resources with a cohort of peers so that they can strategically build upon their existing skills and advance in their careers. 

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