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Urgent EQC Option

We understand when hiring staff, and especially a resident manager, you often need training right away. We want providers to know we offer a flexible, fully-online, self-paced Urgent EQC Essentials option for future resident managers. 

Please visit the training page for more information. The cost for the urgent option includes the course and an individually-proctored State exam. We also offer a multi-student registration discount. 

Email EQC.Class@gmail.com with any questions and to request the EQC urgent course screening form.

We also offer the full EQC course (Essentials plus AFH Administration) as an urgent option. Please contact us with questions and to make sure this option is a good fit. 

Smoke & CO Alarms Tips for the New Year


By: Isaac Elting McGuire

Every year, I try to set new goals for myself. I also get a new calendar on which I write my new goals. This helps me to better track my progress.

I also use the calendar to mark important dates. One example is scheduling dates to regularly check my smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors (alarms). 

In Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) and Multnomah County Administrative Rule (MCAR), adult foster care homes are required to test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on a monthly basis. I encourage you to set reminders on your phone or make a monthly reminder on your calendar to test your detectors/alarms. 

Here are a few important tips to consider when testing your alarms: 

  • Make sure damaged or nonfunctional detectors are discarded and replaced immediately. 

  • Take special care when replacing to check that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in their proper locations, per manufacturer's instructions. 

  • Make sure you mark the date installed on the new detector, and keep track of the testing dates as required in OAR and MCAR.

  • If your alarm system is interconnected, replace the old detectors with new interconnection-compatible detectors. Hard wired detectors must be equipped with a battery back-up. An interconnected alarm system offers maximum response time during a fire event. 

  • If you have a professionally monitored alarm system, contact your monitoring company for any additional maintenance guidelines or recommendations.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms help save lives, so please be sure to set this goal for your home in your overall effort to reduce risk and maximize safety, and to meet licensing requirements for fire and life safety.

Please reach out at isaac@careconstructionnw.com if you have any questions.

EQC - Adult Foster Home Administration


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