PARENTS - Volunteers still needed for Row-a-Thon

Here is a list of positions still needed:

9 bakers

1 bake sale worker for 2-3:30 slot

4 ppl to transport ergs from RHS to Van Neste at 8:30am

5 ppl to set up ergs / tents at Van Neste at 8:45am

4ppl to clean up and load ergs from Van Neste at 3:30pm

4 ppl to transport ergs from Van Neste to RHS at 3:30pm

Please go to InstaTeam, go to events and sign ups located on 3/24 row-a-thon event.  

We can not run the event without your help.


Saturday, March 24th from 10AM to 3PM at Van Neste Square in Ridgewood.

"Row-a-thon is less than a week away and important sign ups needed:

ROWERS - You need to sign up for a time slot.  Go to events and March 24th will show row-a-thon with three time slots to pick from where you will be erging in the park...   10-11:30, 11:30 to 1 and 1:00 to 2:30.   ALL rowers must sign up for a time slot. Those that do not sign up will be assigned a spot. 

DONATIONS and FUNDRAISING - Each rower needs to raise a minimum of $300.  Our goal for the event is $ 25,000.   We are very light on companies who have donated to the event.   Parents, please help with this effort.   There are various donation levels.  The graphic deadline 3/15 is only for ground signs and banner we will display at the event.   If you reach out to companies and sign them up we will put there names on the website, sponsor banner, cargo trailer or boats as outlined in the sponsorship form.  This can happen at any time, as soon as you sign someone up, please send to ridgewoodcrewfundraising@gmail.com.   PDF version of company name or graphics is fine.

 ***We are pushing to reach our goal by the row-a-thon on 3/24*** 

We need your help to reach and hopefully exceed our goal of $25,000.  Parents, please help to ask businesses, associates, colleagues, your company,  and others you may know.  Rowers, ask local businesses in town. Let them know this is a great way for them to support a fantastic program and promoting their business at the same time.

Please download the attachments below to help in your fundraising efforts and to keep track of you donations. Still have questions… reach out to ridgewoodcrewfundraising@gmail.com

Thank You!


For those more aggressive with fundraising, there are some incentives... Top dollar amount raised over $1,500 receives a $600 Cash Card, 2nd Place will receive a $400 Cash Card and 3rd Place will receive a $200 Cash Card.


All checks should be made out to Ridgewood Crew.

ALL donations collected help fund our program…  Please Thank all of the donors for their Support!!

Thank you all for your help to reach our goal of $ 25,000!        

Ridgewood Crew Fundraising Letter.docx
Ridgewood Crew Row-A-Thon Rower Sponsor Form.docx
RC Row a thon Corporate sponsor form 2-18-2018 .docx

Lightweight Rowers - IMPORTANT !!!

Please make sure to see Frank G at the high school Saturday morning (March 24) between 8:30 and 9:00 am in the training room to complete your calper test.  It must be completed to compete in the SRAA Championship regatta.  Please make sure to bring your HIPPA document as well that was sent to you via instateam.  If you have any questions, please contact Katie Saladucha at katrinka10@aol.com


Please remind your rower

To PRRA: The first bus leaves at 3:15pm sharp to go to PRRA.

To PPRA: The second bus will leave at 5pm sharp to go to PRRA.

Water Schedule Spring 2018.xlsx


We received a request to place a reorder of RC Boathouse Jackets.  

We need to meet an order minimum of 6 jackets to proceed.
If anyone is interested in ordering a jacket, please email Teresa Liu (teresaowens@me.com) by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th and let her know your size preference as well as the name you would like embroidered on the jacket.  The jacket is $98 and sizing is unisex.

Kindly make checks payable to Ridgewood Crew and drop off or mail to Teresa Liu, 405 Beechwood Road, Ridgewood NJ.

Thank You! RC Apparel Team


  • Thursday and Friday - March 29 + 30:

             Returning Rowers 8am - 12pm

             Freshmen and Novice 4+: 12:pm - 4:30pm

  • Saturday - March 31: regular schedule
  • Sunday - April 1: Easter - no practice

2018 Season Cocktail Party
Parents and Seniors

Please join us in kicking off the spring season at the home of Jeff and Katie Saladucha for our 2018 Season cocktail party on Friday, April 6th at 7:30. 111 Crest Road.  No need to write a check, bring anything or help in anyway.  Just come ready to have a great night meeting your fellow rowing parents for a night of good cheer.  Please RSVP via Instateam in Events for that date. Look forward to seeing you then! Go Wood!

Kilwin's Candy Fundraiser

Chairpersons are needed for the Mother's Day/Father's Day Kilwin's Confections Fundraiser.

Please contact Meryl Shattuck, (201) 925-7942 or Jeanne Johnson (201) 851-3262

Sale Dates: April 7-15

Deliveries Dates: May 7-11 and June 11-15



Regatta photos are needed for press releases and social media. Please contact Jeanne Johnson for more information. (201) 851-3262


May 31st – End of the Year Banquet - More details to follow

7th and 8th grade team is also invited!


Please visit our website at ridgewoodcrew.com