Fall brings cooler weather and new ways to reach your buyers! In the articles, "Getting to Know Generation Z" and "Sustainable Marketing" you'll read about how being authentic and environmentally responsible can help your brand positioning.

Read "B2B Marketing Trends" for tips such as how highlighting the story of your business leader will pay dividends in the long run.  

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Important: If you have not heard, Google is changing the way their browser Chrome reads websites. In order to make the internet a safer place for everyone, Google is pushing companies to encrypt their websites with the HTTPS protocol.  This protocol is not new to the internet, rather companies that required secure sites – anything that would allow for personal data, such as credit card numbers for example, already use this secure protocol. Look at the URL in the address bar of a website – if it begins with “https” it tells you that any communication you have with this webpage is secure because it's encrypted. This is what Google would like all sites to be. Now Google would like every website with a search box, general contact form, etc. to be encrypted. 

Google will begin punishing webpages with URLs that begin with “http” – no “s” – because they don’t encrypt communication between the user and the website. They will begin marking the site as 'Not Secure'.  So if a visitor to your site uses the Google Chrome browser to reach your site it will be marked ‘Not Secure’.

Websites should comply with this change now. If your site is not secure and you would like our assistance in securing it, please contact us as soon as possible.


B2B Marketing Trends 

David S. Buddingh

So often the ‘marketing trends’ focus solely on what’s new with consumers – but that ignores a whole, hugely important, sector of marketing: B2B. As often as not, companies’ consumers are in fact businesses, and these trends can be found among them, too. 

Everyone – consumers and buyers alike - want to know more and more about the companies behind the products they’re purchasing. In the B2B world, executive branding, or the brand around the company’s leader or founder, has always been important. Now, it’s a necessity. 

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Sustainable Marketing

Jeanne M. Buddingh


As the need for environmentally sustainable practices grows, many businesses think they can’t keep up with the green movement’s pace or costs or don’t believe green concepts can apply to them. But the truth is, companies don’t necessarily have to spend large amounts of money or completely change their business strategies. By using sustainable marketing strategies they can create lasting social, environmental, and financial benefits for themselves and their consumers.

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Getting To Know Generation Z

Pepper Erdmann


Though Millennials have been the talk of the town for years, it’s time we start focusing on the next generation of consumers behind them. This year, Generation Z will begin to graduate from college and join the workforce and make their own consumer decisions. Your company should be ready to talk to them when they do. 

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