The purpose of Good Neighbors is to help families and individuals in times of crisis and need with clothing, emergency food and support.


Good Neighbors E-Newsletter
September 24, 2018


Offering a hand-up, not a hand-out.

A woman recently visited the Green Good Neighbors to find
an outfit for a job interview. She was hired and has returned
to the Green Unit to find clothing for her new career.

Community Support

    Thank you to Citizen Green Electronics and Repairs, Allure Nail Salon, Central Graphics, Craft Beer Bar, Cuyahoga Falls Police Department, Cuyahoga Falls Utility Billing, Evertek Repairs, Falls Auto Body, Falls Wheel and Wrench, The Hourglass Boutique, Jimmy Bigg's Grille, Lil' Frog Fashions, Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium, Quirk Cultural Center, Shear Perfection Studio, Urban Lace, Act Now, Inc., Print and Promote, Dante's Gameday Grille, Don Drumm Studio and Gallery, Nervous Dog Coffee Bar (Akron and Stow), Ohio Discount Store, Young's Screenprinting, The Tallmadge Chamber of Commerce, Tallmadge Chiropractic, Sammie's Bar and Grille for participating in the back to school supply drive to benefit all seven Good Neighbors locations. We would like to thank Danielle Sawat and Valerie Straw for all of their help with this drive.


    Kathryn Burkins, Lee Wallach and the dedicated volunteers from the Spicer Unit have retired from Good Neighbors. Kathryn began volunteering for Good Neighbors in 1994 and Lee in 1979. Volunteer  Chuck Lebold has retired from the Good Neighbors Goodyear Heights Food Center. We thank them for their service and dedication.
    Lisa Kaucic volunteers at our food center and Cuyahoga Falls Unit, Belinda Wright volunteers at our food center and Green Unit, Valerie Straw volunteers at our food center and Goodyear Heights Clothing Unit, Wilma McMasters volunteers at our food center and Superior-Wooster Unit. Wilma ​and Richard McMasters have been volunteering at Good Neighbors for more than 40 years.

Unit Activities


The Goodyear Heights Community Outreach and Food Center

    George Camilletti, on behalf of Good Neighbors, was treated to a VIP tour of the Bridgestone Golf Tournament at Firestone Country Club. The tour was provided by Northern Ohio Golf Charities. The tour was over two hours long covering the golf tournament and all of the massive behind scenes logistics. The Northern Ohio Golf Charities provided a charitable grant for a new furnace at the Good Neighbors Goodyear Heights food pantry. Good Neighbors is grateful to Michele Tomey, Vice Executive Director of Northern Ohio Golf Charities, who was the tour guide, and to volunteer Mark Derrig, who arranged the tour. Good Neighbors is very appreciative of the grant for the new furnace and for all the support given to our local community by the Northern Ohio Golf Charities. 
    On July 31, George Camilletti, Bill Sudduth, Roger Reynolds and our friends at IBH, hauled and unloaded more than 15,000 pounds of food. Thank you to Bill Sudduth, Mike Letta, Roger Reynolds, Phil Martucci, Mary Pallone Thornton, Jenny Siebert and George Camilletti for hauling thousands of pounds of food from the Akron Canton Food Bank and other grocery stores to our food center every week. We thank all of our food center volunteers for their hard work.
    Mary Pallone Thornton and Jenny Siebert are in need of volunteers to help clean the food center on the second Saturday of every month. Thank you to Mary and Jenny for hauling food, serving clients, cleaning the food center, and planting flowers around the buildings.
    Phil Martucci, Patty Prough, Bill Sudduth, Mike Letta, Roger Reynolds, Ted Iler, George Camilletti, Valerie Straw, Jim and Janice Cuckler volunteer at our food center multiple days throughout the week.
    In August, the Wednesday volunteers purchased school supplies and distributed them to the children visiting our food center.
    Laray and Nancy Salsberry continue to donate blankets for the families visiting our food center. We thank them for their generosity.
    During the month of September, VanDevere, Inc., conducted "Jeans Day" for their employees to donate money and items to our food center. We thank the VanDevere Employees for their generosity and continued support.
    The University of Akron Nutrition Department Students are volunteering this semester. We enjoy having them at our food center and appreciate their help.
    After a year of physical challenges, Susan Reynolds has returned to volunteer at the food center. Welcome back, Susan!
    Charlene Nevada-Krummel and George Camilletti continue to write the grants for our food center and central office.
    George Camilletti operates and maintains the food center and annex buildings and property. He also serves as a Trustee and the Ways and Means Chairman for Good Neighbors, Inc.
    We appreciate the dedication and commitment from our food center volunteers who have been working during this very hot and humid summer without air-conditioning.
    From January through August, the volunteers have helped more than 8,743 families (26,486 individuals) with groceries and personal care items.


Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors

    Thanks to great community support and their volunteers, the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors was able to provide new clothing, shoe vouchers for a new pair of shoes, and school supplies to more than 375 children.
    The Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors Christmas Drive is scheduled for December 18th, 19th and 20th. More information will be provided soon.
    The GAR Foundation gave the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools a grant to plant and harvest a garden near 6th Street. The students will donate the fresh produce to the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors during the summer and fall. The students will deliver the produce to the Cuyahoga Falls Unit and see how it impacted the community. They plan on continuing this project every year.
    From January through August, the volunteers have helped more than 2,492 families (6,898 individuals) with food and clothing.
    Thanks to Kim Coyle Gaug, Linda Pearson and the many volunteers for their service and dedication to Good Neighbors and their community.
    Don Walters, the Mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, assisted with the back to school distribution. (Pictured: Mayor Walters and Cuyahoga Falls Unit Chair, Kim Coyle Gaug.)


Ellet Good Neighbors

    From January though July, the volunteers at Ellet Good Neighbors have helped more than 336 families with clothing and 156 families with food. They are in need of groceries and monetary donations to continue to help the families visiting their unit. 
    Thanks to Chris Bolyard, Ella Krinjeck and the volunteers for their service and dedication to Good Neighbors and their community.


Green Good Neighbors

    Thanks to the generosity of their community, the volunteers at Green Good Neighbors helped more than 150 students with back to school supplies and book bags.
    The volunteers are busy planning their Christmas program. This month, they will be sending out letters about their Christmas program to the clients who qualify.
    From January through August, the volunteers have helped more than 1,516 families (4,732 individuals) with food and clothing.
    Thanks to Patricia Stiles, Dorothy Cormany and the many volunteers for their service and dedication to Good Neighbors and their community.


Good Neighbors Goodyear Heights Clothing Unit (formerly Spicer Unit)

    Good Neighbors Council President, Valerie Straw, has been managing the Goodyear Heights Clothing Unit. They are in need of volunteers and client referrals. Welcome to new volunteers, Betty Paul and Donna Wery.


Superior-Wooster Good Neighbors

    The volunteers at the Superior-Wooster Unit continue to see a large increase in families and individuals visiting their unit for assistance with clothing and accessories. 
    They were able to provide school uniforms and back to school supplies to many of the families visiting their unit.
    Thanks to Lee Thomas, Wilma McMasters and the volunteers for their service and dedication to Good Neighbors and their community.


Tallmadge Good Neighbors

    From January through July, the volunteers at Tallmadge Good Neighbors have helped more than 241 families (530 individuals) with clothing and 404 families (912 individuals) with food. They are grateful for the support of their community.
    Thanks to Candy Lorkowski and the volunteers for their service and dedication to Good Neighbors and their community.

Thank You For Your Help And Support!