September 2016


Charlie Kirk

SRW to Meet September 20 Quail Point Lodge

12:30 p.m. Light lunch

1:00 p.m. Program​​

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Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk to Speak to SRW

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, will speak at the September 20 Star Republican Women’s Meeting at Quail Point Lodge.  The meeting will begin at 12:30 p.m., starting with a light, complimentary lunch, and the program will begin at 1 p.m.

Founded four years ago when Kirk was just 18, Turning Point USA is today a group of young, conservative political activists stretching over 1,200 high school and college campuses, all committed to spreading Turning Point’s ideals of liberty, smaller government and individual opportunity. 

In July, Kirk was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention.  He also has appeared on the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) stage and been a guest numerous times on Fox News, CNBC and Fox Business as well as numerous internet-based conservative blogs and websites.

“I founded Turning Point USA to tell young people in America that there’s a better way than big government and old school corruption,” Kirk said. “We essentially argue for free markets and free people on college campuses across the country in the most treacherous terrain imaginable.”

Another reason why the youth leader decided to start the conservative movement was to counter the “Left’s” powerful youth outreaches that have greatly influenced undergrads since the years preceding President Barak Obama’s first term.  “We’re up against unparalleled opposition – a well-oiled machine that George Soros and the Left have pumped in hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 10 years,”  Kirk said.

In a short time frame, Turning Point has gone from an idea to a reality with an annual budget of $5 million, funded by 5,000 donors and 75 people on its field staff.

In order to effectively reach America’s youth, Kirk says his staff and volunteers dialogue with students through hundreds of thousands of conversations every day that introduce them to the wisdom at the core of the conservative principles they champion.  This insight is imparted by his team from behind the tables that they set up in university student centers – which are most likely the only places many students will come into contact with conservative ideals. Kirk and his team focus primarily on liberty and limited government.

“We’re involved in the hand-to-hand combat of the grassroots ideological war that is on college campuses.  We’re fighting for free markets and free speech,” said Kirk.  Make no mistake it is a war, he added, with liberal college administrators actively trying to suppress different perspectives and ideas.

Dan Schneider, executive director of the American Conservative Union (the sponsor of CPAC), calls Kirk “a great general in the battle of ideas,” adding, “He’s an excellent organizer, and he’s a solid conservative thought leader.”

When Kirk began his three-minute speech at the Republican National Convention this summer he began:  “Our slogan is ‘Big Government Sucks,’ and I apologize if that sounds a little caustic, but here at the 2016 Convention – I know you know that’s true!”

Kirk continued by challenging stereotypes blindly attributed to Republicans by Democrat rivals:  “We’re told frequently that the Republican Party is the party of old, rich white men.  And I always respond, I say, did you know that here at this convention, and the 2016 field – it was the most diverse and youngest presidential field in presidential history.”

He continued by dissecting the incredibly diverse demographics represented by today’s Republican politicians, and pointed out that some of the youngest governors and leaders in office are Republican.  Meanwhile, he pointed out, the Democrat primaries featured just the stereotype it had attempted to deflect: old white folk such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“Who is the party of youth and diversity?” Kirk asked as the audience fervently applauded.  “We are the party of youth and diversity!  Not the Democrats!”

When asked why he thinks Millennials trend more liberal according to polling, Kirk replied, “Broadly, young people think if there is a problem, there must be a government solution,” which sounds very much like the Democrat idealism of the 1960s, which spawned the Great Society’s big government programs. 

He continued, “So we have a lot of problems right now and unfortunately, the way that young people have been programmed and conditioned in mostly our public schools is to believe the only solution to a problem is a government ‘solution’, when in fact the exact opposite is true.  And even worse, a lot of our problems were created by the government.”

The September 20 Star Republican Women meeting is open to the public, and SRW encourages the attendance of high school and college students in the area.  

Charlie will give you special insight on how to effectively communicate with our youth about the conservative principles of the Republican Party.  Reaching the millennials will be important in our quest to win back the White House in November! DON'T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!


Mary Lou's


What do Millennials want?

Republicans and Democrats are both hoping to convince Millennials to vote for their respective candidates.  So what do Millennials want and how can they be convinced to support our Republican candidates in November?

Republican pollster Frank Luntz recently told Newsmax, a conservative media outlet, that millennials do not know what socialism is -- "but they know what they don't like."  "They know that they want free healthcare.  They know that they want free education.  They know that they want free job training," Luntz said.

"They want free everything -- and to them that's what socialism gives them and capitalism doesn't. They don't want to work for it.  They just want to get it," he added.

According to Luntz, the Millennials comprise 19% of the electorate.  He said his polling indicates that one-third of this group supports capitalism and one-half supports socialism.

He said the Millennials think of capitalism as Wall Street not Main Street. They blame "crony capitalism" for their lack of jobs and link it to Wall Street not Washington, Luntz says.  

Luntz warns Republicans that if they do not effectively communicate with 18- to 29-year-olds, they could lose this group by a 2 to 1 margin in November.  

Even though Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders -- a self-proclaimed socialist -- enjoyed great popularity with youth in America, Charlie Kirk maintains that there are a lot of young adults today who consider themselves independent.  He believes these students are very open to hearing the conservative side of the debate on a number of key political issues.  

Kirk believes that honing in on the social issues often targeted by Leftists is NOT the most effective way for his movement to turn students from a blue to red mindset.  He finds that introducing students to the virtues of small government is the best winning tactic for his team. In other words, don't talk about gay marriage, abortion and drug legalization -- talk about corruption in government, taxes being too high and government being too big, he says.

For the longer term, Luntz suggests three key efforts to educate our youth about capitalism and regain support of a free enterprise system:             1.  Teach American Government in grades 10 or 11.  

2.  Teach Economics in high school and don't wait until college. and

3. Humanize and pay homage to business leaders who have made significant contributions to society. 

We have a lot of work ahead of us to win in November.  There are many things we can do to help get out the vote for our Republican candidates. Please join us September 20 to learn more about how we can begin an effective dialogue with our youth --   to help ensure a victory this Fall and for many elections to come! 

Mary Lou Kromer

President, SRW


 We are Voting Trump-Pence.

 Here are just a few reasons why:

1. This election could shape the Supreme Court for the next 40 years. Allowing Hillary Clinton to reshape the Court in her image would be a disaster. We need the next President to appoint conservative Justices who will stand for life, defend our freedoms and uphold the Constitution. Donald Trump will do exactly that.

2. The American people need a leader who will stop talking about how good a non-existent recovery is and will instead put commonsense policies in place to actually fix our economy.

3. From the “if you like your plan you can keep it” lie to the devastation it has caused small businesses across America, ObamaCare has been a complete disaster. We need the next President to sign a full ObamaCare repeal. Donald Trump will finally put the ObamaCare nightmare behind us.

4. We need a tax code that actually works and makes sense for all Americans.Donald Trump has a plan to lower taxes and fix our broken tax system. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has a plan to raise taxes on Americans.

5. There is no doubt what a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court would do to the Second Amendment. We cannot let that happen. We must vote in November to make sure our next President will defend all of our freedoms.

6. For too long, corrupt career politicians have had free rein in our government.Donald Trump is the opposite of a politician and will bring the accountability and change in government we so desperately need.

7. We must fix our broken immigration system. A secure border will help protect all Americans, and Donald Trump has a plan to secure our border and enforce the law.

8. There is only one candidate who has proven he is pro-American energy, pro-American, and pro-American worker, and that is Donald J. Trump.

9. For the past seven and a half years, Americans have endured Obama’s “America Last” policies. It is time for a leader in the White House who puts America First.

10. Americans are tired of political correct falsehoods from our leadersWe demand the truth and Donald Trump is not afraid to speak the truth.

11. They fought for us. Now it is time we fight for them. Donald Trump will make sure caring for our veterans is our number one priority.

12. We know exactly what a Hillary Clinton White House would look like: more corruption, more failure, more of the same. We need the opposite.

13. We must keep America safe. Radical Islamic Terrorism is a grave threat to the American way of life and that threat must be eliminated. Now more than ever we need strong leadership in the White House.

14. Americans have had enough of the status quoWe have had enough lies and corruption. On November 8, 2016, we are taking our country back.

We're Voting Trump.

Printable Version of Reasons Why to Support Trump 

Following is the schedule for the 2016 Presidential Debates sponsored by the non-profit Commission on Presidential Debates:

Sept. 26:  Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY

Oct. 9:      Washington University Campus in St. Louis

Oct. 19:    University of Nevada in Las Vegas  

TV Channels – Each debate will be broadcast live on C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC among others.

Time – The debates will air from 8 pm – 9:30 pm Central Time.


Star Republican Women to Assist Mighty Texas Strike Force and  Congressman Will Hurd

By Charlotte Hewitt, Chairman Campaign Activities Committee

The Democrat Party named Texas Congressman Will Hurd, Congressional District #23 (San Antonio to El Paso) as their number one target to beat in November 2016. We cannot allow that to happen under our watch. We need to join The Mighty Texas Strike Force to help Congressman Hurd get re-elected.

Founded in 1999 during Gov. George W. Bush’s first campaign for the presidency, The Mighty Texas Strike Force is a group of devoted Texas volunteers who, at their own expense, agree to be deployed to national battleground swing states or to targeted areas of our home State of Texas during early voting a month before Election Day and also 7 to 10 days before General Election Day, to support the Republican candidate for president and other candidates on the Republican ticket in the swing states and in targeted areas Texas.  MTSF volunteers provide key grass roots campaign support on the local level through block walking, rallies, social networking and phone bank operations.

This year, Mighty Texas Strike Force named 15 States and 8 Texas locations to energize with volunteers’ help. CD#23 is one of the most important districts that Republicans must win. Congressman Hurd has a great record for a freshman representative and is the Chair of the very important Information Technology Sub-Committee and vice Chair of the Border and Maritime Security Sub-Committee – big responsibilities for a young, capable leader.

Debra Wall, chairman of MTSF’s effort in CD#23, reports that Block Walk teams will work each weekend in CD#23 San Antonio and surrounding areas to ensure a win in November. Star Republican Women will join in the effort on a special Saturday before the beginning of Early Voting to help enlist voters’ support for Congressman Hurd.

Come and join us for this fun event on Saturday, October 22 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Enjoy coffee, juice and refreshments at the Hurd Headquarters, 1846 N Loop 1604 West, Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78248 (Corner of Huebner Road and Loop 1604).

Volunteering for this effort will be fun and easy.  A powerful software program will be available for your smart phone, and the application provides each team of two or three members step-by-step instructions and background information on every home before you ring the door bell.  Simply drive down the pre-determined streets and the application let’s you and your team members know which homes to knock on the door. Easy and Fun, plus you will help Republicans Win In 2016!

To Register or additional information, please contact Charlotte Hewitt, EMAIL: chewitt@sci-group.com or phone: 830-598-4784 Ext#203.

Stay Ready Fellow Republicans!


Let us rally around the assurance that Hillary will lose the election in November!

Let us discuss with those around us what Trump intends to do for us as President.

Bring in new members to our local Star Republican Women, and invite them to our next meeting Tuesday, September 20….

Be ready to:

…take America back to a nation of legal people by screening those who cross into America.                                                            Hillary won’t!

…Uphold our Constitution                                                  Hillary won’t!

…Make our Military & Veterans top priority.                        Hillary won’t!

…Destroy ISIS                                                                   Hillary won’t!

…Bring our companies back & make more USA products.  Hillary won’t!

…Make our healthcare better & affordable.                         Hillary won’t!

…Be hopeful again for our children’s & grandchildren’s future.

…Talk to Black’s, Hispanic’s & Others – many have same dreams, work ethics, & beliefs in God but have been told Democrats will do more for them.

We have work to do!  Let's help people go register, go vote early or on November 8.  And, by reminders or actual transportation, etc.

Plan to vote!   A non vote is a vote for Hillary!


Nancy Cobb

Membership Committee Chairman, SRW


Please Report Your Volunteer Hours

Please report your 2016 2nd Quarter campaign activities volunteer hours to Charlotte Hewitt, chairman of SRW's Campaign Activities Committee.  You can email your hours to:  chewitt@sci-group.com or phone: 830-598-4784 Ext#203. 

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