January News from Core Virtues

Happy New Year!  It's January, so naturally, with the Roman god Janus, we should spend some time looking back and looking forward. Take time to reflect on and congratulate yourselves for all you've accomplished in the first half of the school year (hurray!), and then courageously take up the mantle of 2020!   We've got lots of ideas for books and heroes to inspire courage in your students by looking back--particularly at two heroes of civic and moral courage:  Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King, Jr. And don't forget to check out our Telling Our Stories post about physical and moral courage among American prisoners seventy-five Januaries ago.

To keep your Morning Gathering current and lively, we post new literary selections almost daily. We invite you to help us. If there are virtue-themed books you love, that you don't find here, please send your suggestions to us at [email protected].

January Heroine​​s

Check out our new January focus on Harriet Tubman, intrepid conductor of the Underground Railroad and life-long advocate for those in need. We are celebrating this major heroine of physical, moral, and civic courage on our Heroes tab this month. 

Older students (5-8) will also find Pure Grit, a riveting read and little-known tale of courage. This is the harrowing story of  U.S. Army nurses captured in the Pacific during World War II.


What's New?  Our Holidays Tab


We have moved all the inspiring books about Martin Luther King Jr., whom our nation celebrates on the third Monday of January, to our brand new Holidays Tab. Fourth to sixth grade teachers and students will delight in a new and outstanding book about how MLK wrote the extraordinary "I have a Dream speech." 

A shout-out and welcome to Old Town Academy in San Diego, CA. A Core Knowledge school as well as a Core Virtues school, Old Town was recently added to our Core Virtues Schools page, but they have  been using the Core Virtues program since 2011.  Contact us if you would like your school added to our list.


Telling Our Stories

January is a month that demands courage.  No one knew that better than George Washington, who two hundred forty-two Januaries ago, struggled to train and shelter...

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