April 2022 News from Core Virtues

It's daffodil time up north and our spirits are lifting!  This month, as many celebrate the feasts of Easter, Passover, and Ramadan, Core Virtues spotlights the virtues of forgiveness, humility and gentleness, graciousness and courtesy.  We hope this will be a month of renewal for all our pandemic and winter-weary teachers and students. We also hope our initiatives below (articles and basic booklists) will lift your spirits.

Building Character: 1992-2022


New to our website is the "Building Character" tab.  This month University of Dallas professor Matthew Post has contributed an excellent review of character education as it has evolved in the past three decades (when work on the Core Virtues ​program began). Dr. Post highlights three major approaches to character education and concludes with a look at where Core Virtues fits in the spectrum of initiatives.  (The answer is: everywhere.)

Suggested Book Lists


The Core Virtues Foundation has just completed a major project: basic booklists for the three year cycle of our program.  If your school is just starting the Core Virtues program, and you’d like recommendations​, this is an excellent launch pad.  Check out our Year One, Two, and Three​ suggestions here.

April's Hero


Nelson Mandela​'s life, first as a political prisoner for his opposition to apartheid and then as South Africa's first black president, was guided by the principle of forgiveness. In April, we draw student attention to this major world leader who had enough heart to let go of hurt and unite a nation with a history of racial hatred and separation.


Telling Our Stories

"Promise me that you'll learn to forgive." A large-hearted police officer and his wife form a family inspired by the virtue of forgiveness.

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