May 22 | 2023


Warm weather produce is finally starting to roll in, and we couldn't be more thrilled! We may have to wait a bit for corn and okra, but summer squash, berries, cucumbers, and local broccoli harvests are here. For our seasonal recipes I decided on a couple of great breakfast bakes since we are having a 40% OFF sale on all of our frozen Dukes Bread loaves; perfect for casseroles! 


Photo: Laughing Spatula


Blueberry + Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

Goodness gracious this looks like something I could eat every day. Our frozen Dukes Bread (subbed for French bread) is perfect for breakfast casseroles, and we have everything you need to make this scrumptious dish, except cornstarch: fresh local organic blueberries, Dukes sourdough bread (frozen 40% off), organic cream cheese, local pasture raised eggs (try duck eggs for this one!), local pasture raised half & half, organic Fair Trade sugar, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla extract, and organic salt. Pure local maple syrup tops off this dish.

You can find the full recipe here.


Photo: Farmhouse on boone

Sourdough Breakfast Strata

This is another great breakfast bake that you can make ahead of time and in bulk so that you don't have to think about what's for breakfast every morning. We have everything you need, including vintage refurbished cast iron skillets if you don't already have one (of course, this recipe does well in a regular casserole dish): frozen Dukes sourdough bread (frozen 40% off), local pasture raised eggs, local pasture raised milk, organic black pepper, organic herbs (dried or fresh), pasture raised breakfast sausage, local cheddar cheese, and organically grown Bradford Farm spring onions. We have great organic ketchup and local hot sauce that are the perfect pairing for this casserole.

You can find the full recipe here.


Beef + Chorizo Burgers w/Grilled Seasonal Veggies

This recipe comes to you from our local NC pasture raised beef and pork distributor, Firsthand Foods (Durham, NC). It is a creative blend of ground beef and pork chorizo sausage that is sure to be a new favorite this grilling season.

Recipe: Combine 1# ground beef, 1# chorizo, 2 cloves minced garlic, 1/2 tsp paprika, 1 tsp salt + 1/8 tsp black pepper in a large bowl. Shape mixture into patties and grill or cook in a cast iron skillet. Build your perfect burger with desired toppings: fresh local tomatoes; organic fair trade avocados; Lusty Munk Mustard; organic ketchup; organic local kraut;  Ashe County cheese; Chaza brothers southern hot sauce; and local lettuce. All together on a Dukes sourdough bun! 

For our non-meat eaters, try this recipe with a plant-based No Bull Burger (Charlottesville, VA). Either way, these burgers go great with grilled seasonal veggies: zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, and red beets.



We have an even better plant sale for you this week. Many people have been worried about the condition of our tomato starts, but they simply need to be planted and they will do great! We still have a great selection of vegetable and melon plant starts: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, kales, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, onions, squashes, okra, watermelon, and cantaloupe. We are also offering 30% off all remaining strawberry plants. Please note: sweet potato slips are not on sale.


We would love to be the first place you stop on your weekly shopping trip. When you purchase $150+ in grocery, household, and personal care essentialsyou automatically receive 10% off those items. This includes, but is not limited to: produce, meat, dairy, canned goods, coffee, bread, oral care, soaps, shampoos + conditioners, feminine care products, laundry detergent, dish washing products, and more! 



In order to be more sustainable in our daily operations, we ask that you bring your reusable bag(s) when you shop with us. We have many wonderful bags available for purchase here in the store, all of which give back to the environment with each sale.

We have paper bags available for a fee... while they last. 



Bradford Farm - organically grown

  • Fresh Spring Onions
  • Lacinato "Dino" Kale
  • Red Russian Kale
  • Yellow Summer Squash
  • Zucchini Squash

Green Thumb Gardens - Concord, NC - organically grown

  • Arugula
  • Kohlrabi 
  • Magda Mediterranean Squash (zucchini variety)
  • Red Slicing Tomatoes
  • Salad Mix
  • Snap Peas (limited availability)
  • Zephyr Squash

Street Fare Farm - Concord, NC - organically grown

  • Pea Shoots
  • Sunflower Shoots

The Fit Farmer - Concord, NC - organically grown

  • Microgreens
  • Salad Mix

Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms - PA

Organic Broccoli - NC (arrives Friday)

Organic Carrots - NC

Organic Covington Sweet Potatoes - NC

Organic Fair Trade Avocados - Mexico

Organic Garlic - CA​​

​Organic Green Cabbage - NC

Organic Leeks - CA (sale!)

Organic Lettuce Mix - NC

Organic Murasaki Sweet Potatoes - NC​​

Organic Purple Sweet Potatoes - NC

Organic Red Beets | loose + bunched w/tops - NC

Organic Red Cabbage - FL

​Organic Red Grape Tomatoes - NC

Organic Red Onions - NC

Organic Red Skin Potatoes - CA

Organic Rhubarb - WA

Organic Russet Potatoes - WI

Organic Shallots - CA

Organic Shiitake Mushrooms - GA

Organic Slicing Cucumbers - NC

Organic Spinach - NC

Organic Vidalia Onions - GA

Organic Yellow Gold Potatoes - WI / CA

Organic Yellow Onions - CA

Organic Zucchini - FL


Organic Biodynamic Navel Oranges - CA

Organic Biodynamic Raisins - CA

Organic Blood Oranges - CA

Organic Blueberries - SC/NC

​Organic Fair Trade Pineapple - Mexico

Organic Fuji Apples - WA

Organic Granny Smith Apples - WA

Organic Honeycrisp Apples - WA

Organic Lemons - CA

Organic Murcott Tangerines - CA

Organic Pink Lady Apples - WA

Organic Strawberries - NC (more arrive Friday)

Fact of the Week:  Dukes Bread (Charlotte, NC) is made from scratch throughout the week. They maintain a 200-year-old sourdough starter that is used in all of their varieties. Using simple, clean ingredients is Dukes' priority, and they are a nut free facility that also offers many vegan varieties, including the crowd favorite traditional sourdough loaf.

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