The Magi's Definitive Guide to the New Human Species

Hardback Book Now Available


Hello, friends! 

Your story, my story, our story is now in hardback book form and available on Amazon worldwide. If you do not see it in your country's amazon page, it will appear in 3-5 days. 

Being as that we do not have much of a social media presence these days, Kuthumi and I would ask those of you who do: please consider posting the link to your Facebook or Instagram pages so we can share this goodness with like-conscious beings who inhabit Earth right now. And please consider writing a review after you have read the book. 

Next month, we will offer a Kindle e-reader edition for those of you who cannot get the hardback in your country. 

With Love & Na-Ma-Stay-on-Earth, 

Sar'h & Kuthumi 



Energy and consciousness coalesce, creating New Energy. 

It's free and it’s all yours!

When soul energy and spirit consciousness fuse together, a bridge forms between humanity and divinity.

Those choosing to stay on Earth beyond Self-Realization and embody light consciousness will create a new human species as – the energy of biology and consciousness of light – combine into a singular expression: 

That of I Am Consciousness incarnate. 

The result is the alteration of the carbon of the standardized human form – through the light of awareness rather than through automation or technological enhancement. 

For those who are not scientists here, carbon is the basis of all life forms on Earth. One way to say that is: carbon is the backbone of all known biological molecules. Human biology is carbon based.  

A body augmented and altered by technology is simply one of the defining characteristics of the Time of the Machines – the modern era that is upon Earth right now. 

Those who chose consciousness – over automation – in the creation of the New Human Species will create lasting impacts woven into Classic Earth reality as it inevitably folds into an increasingly technocratic global society. 

The New Human Species – carbon altered through consciousness – is not out to change the outcome of the Earth’s trajectory – yet will inspire and illuminate potentials, possibilities, probabilities, and passageways for the end of human suffering. 

The Magi Sar’h – embodied – and Kuthumi – ascended – come together in The Magi's Definitive Guide to the New Human Species to create a database of the highlights of what has been shared in the last three years working together in linear years 2020, 2021, and 2022.

In this first volume, Sar’h and Kuthumi cover completely how the standardized human form – biologically, mentally, and emotionally – is altered through the Light of Awareness, and how you can choose and allow this for yourself – first and foremost. 

Further, the new human species – whether altered through consciousness or through technological automation – is really questions of: where does soul and spirit end and the body begin? 

Are we made up solely of thoughts and emotions derived from our human existence or does this existence stretch further into soul wisdom and the knowingness of conscious awareness? 

Further, it begs the question: what are the attributes and qualities of a souled human being in the context of a de-standardization of the human form in this modern era? 

Those reading The Magi’s Definitive Guide to the New Human Species have likely already chosen the path of consciousness over automation. 

It is likely they incarnated in many lifetimes in the Atlantean Era – witnessing and participating in the standardization of the human biological form in a time of great technological advancement – similar and running in tandem to that which we all see clearly today: planet Earth on the cusp of great change. 

As society becomes increasingly technocratic, artificial intelligence-driven enhancements to the carbon biological form will be sold as paths to greater freedom. 

Having incarnated and participated – directly and indirectly – in the Atlantean Era, we know this to be a falsehood that was sold to us so many lifetimes ago. Yet, many souls on Earth either do not have that innate knowingness or have chosen to forsake it for the false God of personal identity and the perception of human free will. 

Whether conscious or subconscious, these angels incarnate who are formed and shaped by those Atlantean lifetimes are here on planet Earth – once again – choosing to alter carbon through consciousness over automation, illuminating passageways for humanity to choose something new. This guidebook is written for them and by them. 


Sar’h and Kuthumi would like to thank the Sovereign Collective, first and foremost. Without their contributions, there would be no book, no videos, no channels, nada! A deep bow in honor of You!

To those offering extra energetic support for the publication of this book, we thank: Deneen/ Karaan, Sandra Pieper, Keiko Niwa, Erik Istrup – a fellow author and publisher of related books, Marie-Francine Simard, Roberta McKeown, and Nancy Brox. 

We profusely thank: Jess Bearer (Transcription: All Light Body Sessions), Charmaine Wagner (Editor: Era of the Magus Series, Transcriber & Editor: Samadhi), Juliane Fischer (Transcriber: Era of the Magus Series), Christiane Dahl (Transcriber: Samadhi), Sarah Manning (Book Editor), and Guillem Torres (Book Formatting). 

© Copyright 2022, Lauren Hutton