August 21 | 2023


Photo: The Spruce

It's hard to believe with our crazy hot days that it's time to start thinking about getting our garden beds ready for fall planting, but the time has arrived. While we will wait a couple more weeks to get vegetable starts in at the store, now is the perfect time to get those summer plants cleaned out and cold weather seed crops in the ground.



We have over 50 varieties of cold weather crop seeds from Sow True Seed (Asheville, NC). If you are new to Sow True Seed, they are an independent woman-/employee-owned company that supplies open pollinated, Organic, Non-GMO, and heirloom seeds. Once your summer plants are cleaned up and you've freshened your beds with nutrient-dense compost (see below for Daddy Pete's compost), you can get those seeds planted! We will also receive planting garlic and saffron crocus bulbs in October!


Espoma's Organic Seed Starter soil is great for those who are not quite ready to pull those late summer plants from their garden beds. You can get your seeds started in trays and/or pots now so that your seedlings are ready to go in the ground when you're ready to part with your pepper and tomato plants. This light soil mixture contains organic bio-tone to promote healthy root systems. Another great thing about all Espoma products is that they are made using Solar Energy!



Throughout the growing season, your plants are pulling vital nutrients from the soil in order to produce fruit. An easy way to add nutrients back in for the next rotation of plants (whether you're planting cold weather crops or waiting until spring) is to add manure and/or compost to your current soil. We are stocked on Daddy Pete's Organic Cow Manure, Kickin' Chicken Manure, and Mushroom Compost. A little goes a long way.


Many of the flowers that we love to see in the spring and summer require a cold stratification in order to germinate. The fall is the perfect time to sow these seeds so that they have the winter cold to help them show their faces the following year. We have a wide selection of flower seeds including a Southeast native wildflower mix, yarrow, milkweed, echinacea, and more. I planted the native mix once and the flowers (with the help of the wind and birds) continue to re-seed themselves from year to year.


Photos: Sow True Seed


When soil is not covered with some sort of mulch or leaves it is exposed to the elements. This causes vital nutrients to be depleted from the soil leaving less food for our plants. To protect your soil from the wind, sun and cold you can plant a cover crop. I do this every winter between my cold weather crops and in exposed soil areas. Aside from protecting your soil, cover crops also add nutrients back into the soil for next season's crops. You simply plant them now, allow them to grow through-out the winter, then till them under about a month before you are ready to plant your spring crops. I always order my cover crop from Sow True Seed. They have a great variety, but I love crimson clover and hairy vetch. You can find their full line of cover crops here.



We have a selection of warm weather seeds that are now 40% off. When stored properly (in a cool, dry environment) seeds are viable for years, so stock up now for next year's planting season.



Our summer plant sale continues this week, and we have increased the discount to 40% OFF all plants. We have a great selection of perennials, fruit trees + bushes, native plants + trees, herbs, annual flowers, and more! There is plenty of time to plant perennials, trees, etc. so that they establish a solid root system before the first frost of the year. 



It's never too early to start thinking about gifts for the holidays and birthdays, or to treat yourself. Indigo Tangerine (Wisconsin) has beautiful cotton tea towels and this week they are all 20% off.


We would love to be the first place you stop on your weekly shopping trip. When you purchase $150+ in grocery, household, and personal care essentialsyou automatically receive 10% off those items. This includes, but is not limited to: produce, meat, dairy, canned goods, coffee, bread, oral care, soaps, shampoos + conditioners, feminine care products, laundry detergent, dish washing products, and more! 



In order to be more sustainable in our daily operations, we ask that you bring your reusable bag(s) when you shop with us. We have many wonderful bags available for purchase here in the store, all of which give back to the environment with each sale.

Thank you to those who continue to bring in their reusable bags. We appreciate it.



Bradford Farm - organically grown

  • ​Green Beans (limited availability)
  • Pickling Cucumbers
  • Roma Tomatoes (limited availability)
  • Yellow Onions

Green Thumb Gardens - Concord, NC - organically grown

  • Eggplant (arrives early/mid-week)
  • Flavorburst Bell Peppers
  • Okra
  • Pantheon Zucchini (arrives early/mid-week)
  • Red Onions
  • White Onions
  • Yellow Onions (arrive early/mid-week)
  • Zephyr Squash (arrives early/mid-week)

Street Fare Farm - Concord, NC - organically grown - limited supply

  • Mixed Head Lettuce
  • Sweet Snacking Peppers

Organically Grown Arugula - NC

Organically Grown Celery - NC (sale!)

Organically Grown Hard Neck Garlic - NC

Organically Grown Red Garlic - NC

Organically Grown Shallots - NC

Organic Acorn Squash - NC 

Organic Appalachian Gold Potatoes - NC

Organic Avocados - CA (Apeel free)

Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms - PA

Organic Banana Fingerling Potatoes - NC (sale!)

Organic Blue Hubbard Squash - NC

Organic Broccoli - CA (more arrives Friday)

Organic Butter Lettuce Mix - NC

Organic Butternut Squash - NC

Organic Carrots - NC (bunched on sale!)

Organic Covington Sweet Potatoes - NC

Organic Direct Trade Ginger Root - Peru​​​​

Organically Grown Edamame - SC (arrives Friday)

Organic Green Cabbage - NC

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes - NC

​Organic Jalapeno Peppers - NC​​

Organic Kabocha Squash - NC

Organic Lacinato "Dinosaur" Kale - NC

Organic Leeks - NC (arrive Friday)

Organic Murasaki Sweet Potatoes - CA

Organic Oakleaf Salad Mix - NC

Organic Purple/Blue Potatoes - NC

Organic Red Beets - NC (arrive Friday)

Organic Red Cabbage - NC

Organic Red Skin Potatoes - CA (sale! - we have some that are great for planting)

Organic Russet Potatoes - WA (arrive Friday)

Organic Spaghetti Squash - NC

Organic Sungold Cherry Tomatoes - NC (arrive Friday)

Organic Turmeric - HI

Organic Yellow Gold Potatoes - NC

Organic Yellow Summer Squash - NC


Bradford Farm Organically Grown Figs

Certified Naturally Grown Snow Leopard Melons - NC (sweet like honeydew)

Organically Grown Blackberries - SC (arrive Friday)

Organically Grown Ginger Gold Apples - NC

Organically Grown Orange Watermelons - SC

Organically Grown Raspberries - NC

Organic Biodynamic Raisins - CA

Organic Black Muscadine Grapes - NC (arrive Friday)

Organic Blueberries - NC (limited supply)

Organic Bronze Muscadine Grapes - NC (more arrive Friday)

Organic Cantaloupe - SC

Organic Fair Trade Bananas - Ecuador

Organic Fair Trade Limes - Mexico (sale!)

Organic Gala Apples - WA (arrive Friday)

Organic Green Bartlett Pears - CA

Organic Green Grapes - CA

Organic Pixie Tangerines - CA (sale!)

Organic Red Grapes - CA

Organic Valencia Oranges - CA

Organic Yellow Peaches - CA

Fact of the Week:  Cold weather crops often do better in the fall than early spring due to the fact that many of those pesky pests that like to nibble on our cabbage, lettuce, and other plants have "gone to sleep" for the winter. Our first fall frost is typically at the very end of October, so our winter plants have plenty of time to get established so that they make it through the colder weather.

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