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The year is 2021. The coronavirus still controls life in Namibia. A lot of uncertainty remains during the second year of the pandemic. 

WALKING FORWARD🚶🏿Season 2 explores the bravery and sacrifice of the frontline heroes who work as hard today, as they did when the virus first arrived in the Land of the Brave.

Building on the docuseries format we developed during the first season of WALKING FORWARD🚶🏿where Ndinomholo interviewed individuals from the arts and cultural sector, in Season 2 we introduce our audience to the people who have to keep on fighting, day in, day out, for all of us. 

Now available on YouTube: WALKING FORWARD🚶🏿Season 2


While we were in the production of our second season, the first season of WALKING FORWARD🚶🏿traveled to a few international film festivals and collected awards & nods at these events. Among the prizes are the Best Web Series and Best Message at the Top Indie Film Awards in Tokyo. The nominations include Best TV at the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles and Best International Web Series at the Gold Coast Film Festival in Australia.

We wish to congratulate all the interviewees, the crew and the funding partners, Bank Windhoek and Namibia Film Commission.  


#LANDoftheBRAVEfilm 🎥🇳🇦

After the setbacks due to Covid-19 in 2020, our feature-length crime thriller #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm eagerly participated in numerous international film festivals during the first half of 2021. The line-up included the Pan African Film Festival in LA, Vues d'Afrique in Montreal, the Toronto Black Film Festival and the AFI New African Film Festival. Most recently #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm was awarded Best International Film at the Uganda Film Festival. 

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