April 2022

ITAT Takes Down Tobacco 

Island teens were busy this month educating and bringing awareness to their peers and faculty. ITAT was  part of the national day of action, Take Down Tobacco. They set up educational booths with activities and prizes, shadow boxes, and quizzes. Our shadow boxes contain vape products and school supplies that they blend in with. There is a QR code that students can scan that reveals which objects are school supplies, and which objects are vape products disguised as school supplies. Along with the shadow box, students answer a quiz about vape products and where teens can purchase them. Administrators, faculty, and students were in shock on how Big Tobacco is so cunning in the disguise of their vape products. After being educated and taking the quiz, they were invited to spin the wheel to win a prize of ITAT merch. It was a great event for our ITAT presidencies in educating their schools. Although COVID-19 has put a stop on a lot of things, it hasn't stopped our Island Teens Advocacy Team.

                       Tobacco in the News: 

What you may not know about vaping:

  • E-cigarettes deliver nicotine, flavoring, and other additives via aerosol inhalation. They are known by different names like e-cigs, ehookahs, mods, and vape pens.
  • In Utah, vaping is illegal everywhere that smoking is illegal.
  • Its illegal for anyone under 19 to buy or use e-cigarettes in Utah
  • Some e-cigarettes marketing as containing 0% nicotine have been found to actually contain nicotine
  • Secondhand vapor is harmful as well
  • Using nicotine in adolescence can increase risk for future addiction to other drugs

Tobacco Resources:

MY LIFE MY QUIT: is a new service available to teens, to assist them in quitting the highly addictive nicotine products that comprise the teen vaping epidemic. All they need to do is text "Start My Quit" 855-891-9989 to talk or text with a quit coach to cheer them on in their journey of quitting!

You can always call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to get help on quitting!


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