Australian Institute of Architects (WA Chapter) Awards 2021.

We are extremely excited to have taken out three awards at the recent AIA chapter awards, which took place on the 11th of June via live stream.

We're particularly proud to have received the Wallace Greenham Award for Sustainable Architecture. We strive with every project to make considered and respectful additions to our city and planet. To have this recognised means a lot.

We were also thrilled to receive the Marshall Clifton Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (New), as well as an Architecture Award in this category.

It was a great night celebrating with our clients and extended team at the studio.

Read about our winning projects

Project: Second Avenue House (2018)  |  Photo: Roger D'Souza

We turned 10 this year!

In April this year our practice turned 10. It's been an amazing journey so far alongside our clients and collaborators and we've enjoyed and grown with every moment. I remember that year -- 2011 -- starting a practice while we were building our own home, our second child only weeks old, house-hopping due to delays, trying to work from the kitchen table and local cafes. In hindsight, why in the world didn't we wait! On the other hand, we reflect on the people we've met, the positive changes we've been able to facilitate for them, and the enrichment they have brought to our own lives. We wouldn't change a thing, even if we could!

This is how it all began | Project #1

This is Nathan.

Our team is growing.

Earlier this year we welcomed Nathan Allet to our team. He brings with him a unique skill-set, having run his own practice for some years prior to making the jump to a collaborative workplace. We're impressed with the contribution he is making to the projects, the discussions and the general culture of our studio, and have enjoyed sharing with him the things we've learnt over the years. Besides all that, he's a really personable chap and knows a thing or two about tennis. Drop by and say hi if you're in the area!

Meet the people behind the projects

Project: Rule Street House (2020)  |  Photo: Jack Lovel

Learn more about us on our updated website.

We have been working with local journalist extraordinaire, Rachael Bernstone, on our communications and marketing strategy and part of our action list was to make our website more relevant and accessible. A big part of this is our new home page, which introduces our team, our approach and what our former clients think about working with us. Take a look to learn more about us, and why you might like to involve us in your next project.

Updated website | Let us know what you think

Recently published.

The lovely folk at Houses, Green and Sanctuary Magazines have been extremely kind to us this year, featuring four of our projects in print. We are so excited to be included in publications that are committed to environmentally-responsible architecture that thinks just as seriously about its community as it does about its occupants. We're humbled to be included in these magazines alongside outstanding work from fellow WA and eastern states architects. Please click on the images below to read more.


The science of views.

We're generally not the first adopters when it comes to new technology. However, where we see genuine benefits, we jump into it wholeheartedly. In the past we've climbed onto roofs and used our best guess to design around key views. However, we now have a camera drone to make this process far more accurate :)

Where our clients wish to capture a certain view, we are now able to pin point the exact height and position. Whilst up there, we often identify other opportunities and pockets of views worth bringing into the project via intentional window or door openings.

Not to mention the benefits of recording the construction process from an elevated vantage point :)

Project with a view? | Get in touch

Project: Macdonald Road House (2020)  |  Photo: Bo Wong

Q&As | FAQs

We're also in the process of setting up an FAQ section for our website. We get the sense that people like to do their research before they pick up the phone to give an architect a call. So, we've begun to collate a series of questions we are often asked in early meetings. However, we would love to know from you, which topics you would like - or would have liked - covered. We want the new page to become a genuinely useful resource for people looking to start a building project, and would be hugely appreciative of your help.

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