April News from Core Virtues

What a difference a month makes.  As we get used to our new confinement at home, the quest for virtue (now in home classrooms) is ever steeper.   Our focus this month on "Graciousness and Courtesy" may seem less compelling than "courage" in these hard times, or "perseverance" or "hope."  But, the "Telling Our Stories" blog explains why, in ever closer quarters, the way we treat each other matters.

This month we are asking teachers and principals to forward a link to our website (www.corevirtues.net) to your parent community.  The resources we offer may be of great assistance to them as they embark on homeschooling!

What's New?

Core Knowledge Free Resources:  Many of our Core Virtues Schools use the outstanding Core Knowledge Sequence for their academic foundation.  During this time of Covid 19 and enforced home schooling, the Core Knowledge Foundation has really stepped up to the plate, providing many free resources. Bravo and thanks, Core Knowledge!


Hero and Holiday Pages

This month we spotlight Mahatma Gandhi as an exemplar of graciousness and courtesy.  Mahatma means "great-souled," and the Indian nationalist leader embodied the title.  You can find out why at: April Heroes.

Also, in a month that focuses on forgiveness, gentleness and humility (as well as graciousness and courtesy), the April holidays are particularly meaningful. See our recommendations for Passover, Easter, and Ramadan

National Poetry Month

Each month we feature poetry that either reinforces the virtue highlighted or draws children's attention to the wonder of the season.  April is National Poetry Month!  You'll find a well conceived Five Week Poetry Challenge on the fine parent website: www.whatdowedoallday.com. Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rosetti, Edward Lear, and Shakespeare will all inspire child masterpieces.  


Telling Our Stories

This April 2020, when most of us are confined to our homes surrounded
only by family members, is a particularly good time to celebrate the old fashioned excellencies of graciousness and courtesy.

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