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The team at TOON writes to you in times of unprecedented challenges for kids, teachers, parents, and librarians, not to mention healthcare professionals. We hope that you are all staying healthy in this time of distance learning.

In this newsletter we’ve included some updates and plenty of links to FREE resources to keep kids active and engaged while at home. Whether online or offline, kids love comics!

For those of you delivering educational content via the web, or implementing it for the first time at home, let us remind you that for every single TOON title, we offer free lesson plans and activity sheets that can be used by parents and teachers alike.

In times of social distancing, it can be hard to balance your own work from home with childcare and education. We understand that sometimes, you need a break too! So we’ve included links to several activities that the kids can keep themselves entertained with on their own. 

Most importantly, we are proud to provide FREE ACCESS via our website to Ivan Brunetti’s bestselling Comics: Easy as ABC, a hilarious and easy-to-read guide to drawing comics for kids of all ages.

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FREE access to 
Comics: Easy as ABC
by Ivan Brunetti


The team at TOON is delighted to provide free access to Ivan Brunetti’s Comics: Easy as ABC, The Essential Guide to Comics for Kids to all our readers via our website. With contributions from a host of household names including Neil Gaiman, Lemony Snicket and Art Spiegelman, kids, parents and teachers alike will love this easy-to-follow guide for drawing comics that is sure to inspire even the most reluctant budding artist. Enthusiastic readers will be able to engage with the book at their own pace, and we have also included a step-by-step lesson plan for parents and educators.


Free Lesson Plans for every TOON Book!


For every single TOON title, there are free lesson plans & activity sheets that can be used by parents and teachers alike. 

Our FREE Common Core Guides have been customized for every TOON Book to provide teachers with easy-to-use tools that support standards-based instruction in the classroom. Guides include Lesson Plans, Student Activity Sheet and topics for the ELA Common Core Standards, with a special emphasis on our core area of expertise: developing students' visual literacy and using comics in the classroom.



Free Interactive
​Cartoon Makers!


Kids can create their own one-panel carTOON with their favorite TOON Book characters online! All they have to do is click and choose their own backgrounds, characters, props, balloons, and text using the simple interface. Then they then print, save, or email their very own completed carTOONS!  

TOON is providing this interactive program free and online for all our readers. A great activity for imaginative play and creative writing, the cartoon maker was developed in partnership with Professor Garfield, a non-profit educational collaboration between Garfield the Cat and Ball State University. 

Make Your Own Cartoons

More Free Activities
​from TOON:


Via our website, we have plenty more activities that kids can have fun with on their own: Create Your Own Stinky Monsters, Make Popsicle Puppets and Put On A Play with Zig and Wikki & Benny and Penny, Create Your Own Pigeon Finger Puppets, and Color and Scramble with Benny and Penny.

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As of today, we are still shipping orders placed through our online store, and we are also offering a 33% discount on all orders (use coupon code "SAVE33" at checkout).  ​

We ship from a small warehouse in Pennsylvania with a skeleton staff where all the necessary measures to safeguard the health of workers are being taken.  For this reason, orders may take extra time to process and reach your destination—we thank you for your patience.

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Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for what we can do to bring the magic of comics to your young readers. Hang in there and take good care.