The Venus Shake Up is Real

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Portals Opening and Closing

This Venus-Uranus opposition, squared by the nodes of the moon, is remarkably powerful. Love, money, and women are typical meanings for Venus, and these matters are being disrupted—or awakened—profoundly. A karmic crossroad in the sky, the changes happening now are as big and earth-shattering as they come, internally or externally.

The Venus retrograde has taken the baton Mars carried throughout the summer, a summer when men found themselves challenged and transformed at a time when great Martian stirrings were awakening within both men and women, ready to explode when Mars turned direct on August 27th on its maximum degree of exaltation. That was a remarkable time for Martian matters such as physicality, self-assertion, and passion.

However, when Mars awakens with great power it also unleashes torrents of unexpectedly potent energies (including in some cases aggression, selfishness, and separations), and while we were making some progress on material levels in September, we were also getting ready for this profound super exalted Full Moon conjunct Uranus, now coming into a perfect grand cross with the nodes of the moon, and quite a wild emotional ride. The Moon joins Rahu (the North Node) in Leo on Tuesday--buckle up.

Last Tuesday, while transiting Saturn opposed my Moon, I found out that a dear old friend had passed away. Mona Carpenter was one of my first astrology students and always one of my biggest fans. From a purely selfish point of view, it was hard for me to lose her, but she was also such a kind and graceful angel on this earth, and we need all of those that we can get. When I spoke with her on the phone, and I knew she had been in hospice already, I pulled up the transits and saw the transits to her 29 Cancer Rising with Pluto at 2 Leo, and her north node at 0 Scorpio and Saturn at 0 Taurus. It seemed fairly obviously that this transit could be her portal out of this life. She passed away peacefully soon after. May she rest in peace!

Nothing holds greater potential in life than love, and nothing carries such seeds of sorrow wrapped up in such beauty and ecstasy. All of the extremes of Venus are present now, from chaos to comfort, love to hate, softening to hardening. Uranus is the great electric power source that Venus now stands before, at this karmic crossroad.

We fear these moments because we fear the unfamiliar and unexpected, even though we know that sometimes those massive changes and leaps of faith can really pay off. We also know there are no guarantees, and that change for change’s sake may be the worst move of all. And yet at times like these, the earth must tremble, the ground must shake beneath you, and you must surrender to the uncertainty and chaos of not knowing.

No one said this part is supposed to be easy. Letting go is hard, especially when the structures you’re letting go of have become fixtures in your life. Great compassion is required for all who are suffering, and right now many people must be suffering with the pain and fear of change and separation.

Others may be finding their Venus awakened. Even those who are struggling should look for ways to see their Venus open up to a miracle of growth and evolution. What happens when you hold a higher octave of love? Because we certainly need to access one now. This is a time for realizing freedom, and many (especially women) are feeling this potential within them. Or maybe it’s the potential to be greater in some area, to do more and express more of your true self, such as professionally, and even your own heart, in your own relationships.

Whatever happens, it’s huge. Massive decisions are being made and great transformations are occurring as these portals open and close. That’s the thing about portals. Normally they aren’t there. But sometimes they find us, and we have to be prepared to step through one, or have one step through us. Take heart in knowing that those who are doing a good job with their responsibilities (Saturn in Capricorn) may find may find that the portal they fear to pass through is quite magical on the other side.

Just remember, there are no guarantees.

One way or another, your heart is being charged on a divine altar, its weight is being considered by the Saturnine and Venusian great scales. What is your heart capable of now? You must begin, of course, with total self-love and acceptance, a positive spirit ready to love and live in the next adventure, or the continuing adventure that you're already in.

It’s easy to say, don’t take things personally, right now. We all hate that advice sometimes. Sometimes even the things that do feel personal, though, are simply beyond our control. Always better not to torture yourself and focus on people who can uplift you.

A foundation of love and peace within is the real goal of this time. That may or may not look like what you had wanted it to look like. We can’t predict Uranus, we only know it’s going to cause those tremors. We have to become comfortable with earthquakes, unattached and ready to flick the switch and turn on the bright light that is our inner highest self.

I wonder, what would your highest self do now, while loving more powerfully and beautifully than ever before?

May all beings be happy and free!

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