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Hello to all of our Landcare Members, Partners, Sponsors, and Friends throughout the Bass Coast Landcare Network and welcome to the May edition of the BCLN Enews.

We have some great events coming up for you including some early Community Tree planting for this coming season. Even though we haven't quite got stuck into the planting season just yet, that doesn't mean Bass Coast has been short on action. We have had some great events and happenings this month, from educational walks, EVC's training, bio-control releases, weed control, food forests and more. There have been lots of positive things happening right across Bass Coast that you can read all about in this edition.

We hope you enjoy this month's edition of the Enews!


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Powlett Caravan Park/Kilcunda Station Planting Day - June 4th

Come along to this fun little double planting! We will be planting 2 sites with a short bike ride along the rail trail in between (don't forget your bike) Morning tea break will be at the Kilcunda Café as well as BBQ lunch. This planting will run from 9am-2pm (roughly), meet at 220 Mouth of Powlett Rd, Dalyston, and BYO water, gumboots, wet weather gear and bike!

RSVP to [email protected]


CERES Fair Wood and Mobile Salvage Sawmilling Field Day - June 15th

You are invited to join us for this exciting visit to CERES Fair Wood, including a mobile salvage sawmilling demonstration in action. Located in Preston, CERES Fair Wood is a social enterprise acting as an honest broker between Australian farm foresters, small local sawmillers and environmentally conscious wood users. The high-quality timbers on offer have their own story and are locally sourced to the highest standards of ethics and transparency. Its growing core market includes environmentally conscious home DIYers, furniture makers, architects and builders. We will be taken on a tour of the workshop and introduced to a varied product range that includes cladding, decking, lining, flooring, landscaping materials, joinery timber and firewood.

Click here for further information and to book


Regenerative Agriculture for Small Properties Workshop - June 18th

If you have a small property and want to transition to a regenerative agricultural management regime, or need more guidance on how to start your regenerative agricultural journey, come and join us for this exciting workshop where you will find out more about planning for your small property and identifying property constraints using Permaculture principles. Discussion includes understanding your soils, securing your water needs, composting and zero waste, and animals on small properties (some do’s and don’ts). Gerhard Grasser from AgriSolutions will be our guest speaker for the day.  

Click here for further information and to register.



New Membership Portal - Training Session

In late April, Kathleen from the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority came to Bass to train some of our group representatives in using the WGCMA's new Landcare Membership Portal, which around half of our groups have already decided to adopt. The portal will streamline memberships, allowing group executives to manage group memberships, collect annual fees automatically and generate automatic reminders for annual renewal. It also allows Landcare members to sign-up, pay annual fees, and change details easily online. Other features of the portal include the ability to accept credit cards, manual cheque and cash payments, and for treasurers to see in real-time the number of financial members they have. Participating groups will be slowly moving over to the new system. If your group is participating, you will be given plenty of notice and instructions on how to proceed. ​Pictured are Peter Lyon of Anderson Inlet, Cindy Devonport and Glenys Ralph of French Island, Ray Kirk, Anna Spiden, Libby and John Cumming of 3 Creeks, and Rob Parsons of Bass Valley at the training session.

If your group is interested in participating, please email [email protected]

Click here to read more info about the membership portal!


Outtrim Cemetery Nature Conservation Reserve Walk

Gippsland Threatened Species Action Group (GTSAG) recently held a very pleasant and informative walk at the Outtrim Cemetery Nature Conservation Reserve with members of the Korumburra Landcare Group and volunteers from the Outtrim Reserve Committee. The Reserve is approximately 2.8 ha within the whole of the 5.08 ha reserve managed by Parks Victoria at Outtrim. The northwest corner of the Reserve contains the cemetery. The grass area to the north-east of the reserve is slashed regularly resulting in a diverse flora of grasses, sedges, lilies, and orchids. The southern 3 hectares is zoned as a nature conservation reserve and contains one of the most intact remnants of the Ecological Vegetation Class, Damp Heathy Woodland, dominated by Bog Gum (Eucalyptus kitsoniana), on public land in South Gippsland. Another large remnant patch of Bog Gum is at Mt Nicoll near Fish Creek. Bog Gum is listed by the Victorian Government as ‘Critically Endangered’ and is now mainly confined to roadsides. Most of the Damp Heathy Woodland vegetation community in South Gippsland has been cleared for agriculture and only scattered remnants are now found, mainly along roadsides.  
GTSAG is currently seeking funding to undertake weed control - mainly Sweet Pittosporum, Watsonia, and Blackberry. Strategic revegetation over a 3-year period will be undertaken to prevent ongoing re-infestation of weeds into the future and new planting of the appropriate EVC species will be planted to retard weed re-growth, provide greater biodiversity and enhance resilience of the remnant native vegetation. 

Click here to learn more about the Gippsland Threatened Species Action Group


Enrichment of Endangered Plant Communities on Regional Roads

Endangered plant communities within Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) roadsides will get a helping hand over the next year. BCLN was successful in securing funding through a Gippsland Transport Environmental Projects (GTEP) – Pilot Program, which will be used to control weeds and increase connectivity and cover through planting. The endangered EVCs include Plains Grassy Woodland, Swampy Riparian Woodland, Swamp Scrub, and Natural Damp Grassland. See the map above for details.

Click here to learn more about BCLN's Works Crew


Ecological Vegetation Class Training Day

The BCLN staff participated in a training field day in late April, concentrating on Bass Coast Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs) and indigenous species identification. The day involved presentations from Botanist, Alison Oates and Dave Sutton from the Gippsland Threatened Species Action Group. Staff visited 2 local properties in the Bass Hills, comparing revegetation sites of different ages and assessing the survival of indigenous species and the structure of different growth forms within an EVC. All in all, it was a very informative day and great to have the team together for a day out in the field!

Click here to download the Indigenous Plants of Bass Coast brochure, where you can learn about local EVCs


Sea Spurge Biocontrol Released

A foliar blight fungus which specifically attacks sea spurge was released in April at 15 locations along Bass Coast shorelines. Three releases took place along the northern shores of Phillip island With the Cowes and Ventnor Coast Action groups. It was released at a further 12 locations from Punch Bowl road through to Inverloch with Parks Victoria and South Gippsland Conservation Society. This fungus provides a much needed helping hand to sea spurge control efforts undertaken by many groups and organisations restoring shoreline habitat. ​Pictured is Marilyn Shaw, joint coordinator of Cowes Coastcare group applying the fungus

Click here to learn about weed control in Bass Coast


Inspiring Revegetation Tour for Korumburra Group Members

Korumburra Landcare Group members recently had the honour of taking an inspiring walk through the revegetated gullies on Libby and Martin Haynes property, which they have slowly revegetated with an estimated 40,000 plants over 40 years. Libby and Martin have had botanical and bird experts survey their property for different species, which is home to the Giant Gippsland Earthworm. Two attendees were lucky enough to hear the worms underground in two different locations, which is a very special experience!
In 1992, they became a Land for Wildlife property, which clearly spurred them on for more plantings. Libby and Martin, are an inspiration to other landholders new and seasoned. They have learned from their revegetation mistakes, they have not tried to go too big too fast, it was always going to be a lifelong project and labour of love. Some key tips from the day were to fence off your vegetated areas from cattle, protect young plants from grazing wallabies, and to keep eucalypts and blackwoods away from your fence lines, as these trees are likely to drop branches. Big thanks to Martin and Libby for hosting this inspiring walk!

Click here to learn more about the Korumburra Landcare Group


Willows Targeted in Toora

The BCLN Works Crew has recently been working along the beautiful Agnes River in Toora, targeting upward of 900 woody weeds, predominantly willow trees, along a 3km stretch of the river working towards Agnes Falls. In partnership with the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, previous excavation of willows in the river system has been undertaken with the BCLN Works Crew following up on outliers, making their way through steep terrain and thick vegetation down to the amazing tree ferns and fresh flowing river below.

Click here to learn more about the way Willows negatively impact our waterways


BCLN Staff Team-Building and Training Trip

Last week 22 of our staff headed down to Walkerville for a 2-day training and team building trip. We were very lucky to have Cheryl Connelly from Health Guard to lead us through First Aid and CPR training, Mandy Leggett did an amazing job of delivering Cultural Competency training, and our staff team worked together to set team goals for each of our work areas, including the Pest Animal team, Works Crew, Sustainable Agriculture, Education and Communications, Natural Resource Management and our Nursery team.  Aaron Stephens, our Invasive Species Officer, also showed the team how he sets his fox traps and how to set up rabbit baiting. It was great for staff from all areas to get to know each other better whilst also doing valuable training, all in a beautiful part of the world.

Click here to meet some of our team!


Urban Forest Strategy Survey

Bass Coast Shire Council are developing an Urban Forest Strategy to plan how to continue to grow and look after our urban forests. The Strategy will drive improvements to help ensure we grow a healthy, green and resilient urban forest that is well managed, protected and provides maximum benefits to our community such as shade and cooling. The Shire would like your input and a survey is open for your feedback until the 29th May, please see below for more details.



Landcare Groups on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, you might be pleased to know that most of our groups are, too! If you'd like to follow our Landcare groups so you'll always be up to date with the latest news and events, click the links below!
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Updated Advisory List of Weeds in Victoria

DELWP has  published the Advisory list of environmental weeds in Victoria 2022 to help land managers decide which environmental weeds to target at a given location. Priority is determined according to the stage of the invasion process for each species, the impact of the species on native ecosystems, and the species’ potential rate of spread. There are easy to follow instructions on how to use the list which is presented as a a spreadsheet that can be sorted and filtered in several ways. 

​Click here to learn more


Victorian Landcare Gateway Survey

Landcare Victoria Inc. is surveying the Landcare community to gather information about how the Victorian Landcare Gateway website is being used and if there are any areas for improvement. Your responses will assist the Victorian Landcare Program team at DELWP and Landcare Victoria make a plan for the future of the website, as they want to ensure Landcare digital channels best meet the needs of the Landcare community.

Click here to complete the 5-minute survey


Nuffield Scholarships

Applications are now open for the annual Nuffield Scholarships. The program provides funds for research into a topic that adds value to the Australian primary industry sector. There are approximately 15-20 scholarships on offer annually, each valued at $30,000. Applications are due by June 2022.

Click here to find out more information via the website.


Livestock Farm Monitor Project

The Livestock Farm Monitor Project estimates the economic performance of surveyed sheep and cattle farms by collecting detailed physical and financial farm information. Agriculture Victoria is seeking sheep and beef producers to participate in the project. Participating producers receive a confidential individualised report that compares their business's production and economic performance over time. There's no cost for participants, and all information is treated as strictly confidential.

Click here to find out more and express your interest via the Agriculture Victoria website.



Kugerungmome Partnerships Project

The Kugerungmome Partnerships Project is well underway with the Natural Resource Management team expanding its search to connect with landholders in the area by developing a map of properties located within the Woolshed and Bridge Creek area, as well as its tributaries. Several potential properties have been identified, with project officers beginning to engage with these landholders. This year will see 22,000 plants going into the ground as a part of this project on two properties and next year we will be seeking willow removal projects, in addition to stock exclusion fencing and revegetation projects.

Click here to learn more about our Natural Resource Management program


River Garden Update - Growing a Food Forest with Ric Coleman

We had a huge turnout on Saturday with 36 people attending the 'Growing a Food Forest' workshop/Blitz Day with guest speaker Ric Coleman. Despite some heavy showers to the south, we were lucky enough to stay relatively dry in Bass, with just enough of a sprinkle to water in our new plants! The day started with a great talk from Ric, followed by Q&A, then we headed out to the River garden to tackle some weeds. Many hands certainly do make light work, with all the swales being weeded and ready for some perennial planting. After lunch, we had another discussion about different plants and their place in the food forest, and then got some plants in the ground. We would like to thank everybody who attended, and extra thanks to Ric for sharing his knowledge.

Our June Blitz day will not take place as previously scheduled on Saturday June 11th, instead please see our story in in upcoming events above for information on our Regenerative Agriculture for Small Properties Workshop at the River Garden on Saturday June 18th.

Click here to learn more about the River Garden


Capturing Carbon for a Biodiverse Bass Coast - In Local Planting Projects!

If you feel passionate about the environment and want to contribute to action on climate change by reducing the impact of your car on our planet, why not consider becoming a part of our ‘Capturing Carbon for a biodiverse Bass Coast’ program? 

Head to our web page at the link below and simply click on your car's size to make a tax-deductible donation, so we can plant indigenous plants in biodiverse plantings across Bass coast on your behalf. These plantings will increase habitat and important wildlife corridor connections while capturing carbon from the atmosphere. All your friends and family will also see your complimentary car sticker showing your commitment to the Bass Coast environment and climate action.

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Bass Coast Arc – Landcare Public Fund Making Projects a Reality – Donate Today to Make a Difference!

The Bass Coast Landcare Public Fund is a regional non-profit organisation focusing on conserving biodiversity throughout Bass Coast.​ The Bass Coast Arc – “Community Access to Public Space” concept supports community groups to work with public land managers to improve the environment of our public spaces and create appropriate access to these unique areas. Your contribution, no matter how small, helps to protect native plants and animals in Bass Coast’s most ecologically important landscapes. ​

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