June News from Core Virtues


It's June - the month our Core Virtues program focuses on heroes, and you're one of 'em. These happy teachers (from 2019?) are exiting their school with a satisfied sense of "job well done,"  but the image will have to serve as a metaphor: we are painfully aware that most of you have been teaching from home for the last two months.  "ZOOM-ing it in."  That has been hard and truly heroic on your part. You, the first responders in this pandemic, have been "taking hard and noble action for a good cause," the best cause really, the nation's children, our future.  So we salute you, our Teacher Heroes!  

We'll take a break from newsletter publication in the month of July, and use this opportunity to wish all our Core Virtues students, teachers, administrators, and parents a healthy, joyful and restorative vacation. 

What's New?  June Focus Expanded

In 2020, we added a new element to our June virtue focus:  humor, wit, and laughter.  Check out the explanation for this addition on our June Recommendations page, and read our blog (Telling Our Stories) about one amazing humorous hero, Danny Thomas.  We will work on beefing up the number of light-hearted books we offer for next year at this time.

Summer Reading


Now in its tenth anniversary edition, The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Living a Compassionate Life by Piero Ferruci is a little gem.  This Italian psychotherapist reflects on living lives that are rich, purposeful, and bring inner peace.  He holds up "kindness" as the pinnacle virtue (perhaps "love" in transcendent virtue parlance) and then looks at the way other virtues (honesty, forgiveness, gratitude, service, loyalty, humility, patience, and many more) support this key trait.  Read one chapter a day on the beach!

Core Virtues Schools

We send our congratulations to two North Carolina charter schools that are completing their first year as Core Knowledge-Core Virtues Schools.  It's been a year to remember for Bonnie Cone Classical Academy and Community Public Charter School.  Bravo!  We are pleased to welcome Cherokee Charter Academy in Gaffney, South Carolina, to the Core Virtues fold.  The school will open its doors in September 2020. 

In case you've missed it, our website features some of the many schools using the Core Virtues program:  they are traditional public schools, charter schools, independent, and faith-based schools.  If you're interested in learning more about them, click here, or if your school is using Core Virtues, and you would like to be listed on our website​, contact us at [email protected].


Telling Our Stories

Are heroism and humor related? What is it about humor, laughter, and wit that we human beings just crave?   Read More