Circles touching circles.

June, 29, 2022 • Hummingbird New Moon Facing the Future

In today's (Lunar Ritual) newsletter: did we forget for the moment; every ceremony begins with a story; wait for a sign…; awareness of your connection to Earth and Spirit,


photography by Linda Yraceburu © 2022

Circles.  Circles touching circles.  The Circle of Family extending.  Did we forget for the moment that it was the striving that made it all worth it?  It is for this reason that we come together to CO-CREATE the REALITY we want.  Yes, we are co-creators.  And we must be bold.  The blue spark of it all is astonishing.  Energy comes: one, two, three, like eclipses.  I gaze at monarch emerging from it's chrysallis.  Spirit is within me – there is satisfaction in this connection – and we soar through eternity, each a Child of Evolution.

Afterward (How much later?  Impossible to tell on these days so close to the summer solstice.  For the long days of slow progression make it seem like time is standing still.  Did we fall asleep, or wake up during COVID?  Did we dream that life was easier to navigate?  My grandfather's voice comes to me, and I say to him, what he said to me… "It's your turn."  I watch the new butterfly and nod, watch, wondering what comes next in this adventure I have learned is co-created.

Although I was born with many abilities, they were sharpened walking thi Path of Beauty and embracing tutuskya… the Medicine Wheel of Life.  Because of tutuskya, I can be.  It is by being that the Sacred Parents can express themselves to us as wisdom, heal our bodies with our own medicine power, and resonate with the universe as an integral part of it.  Now could be said to be the heart of the tlish diyan philosophy of continuance.

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[YEWr Lunar Ritual]

Every Ceremony begins with a Story.  Today, I'm proposing to navigate you through some of the elements of the Cyclic Lunar Ceremonies we call the nia'guch'laada'gotaal – Earth Magic Gatherings.  Are they new age?  Well, only in the connotation that they are part of the energetic movement into our destiny.  The actual rituals are very ancient, with some updating in the storytelling fashion.

From our story comes our Intention behind our Ceremony – and with Hummingbird it's all about the Rainbow and color… and where we will go from here with what we've been given.

The Story from Hummingbird Falls demonstrates the human condition that we address in storytelling, prayers of intention and chants.  Together, as family, we set intention to come together and change life for the better, for all.

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Preparation of Sacred Identity

  • First smudge yourself & gather materials to make a visual prayer: an art piece of an organic nature.  Make sure it represents the beauty of you… and that it's biodegradable.
  • Make the piece, then smudge the completed project.
  • Take this on a short hike & when the energy instructs you, stop and ask for your prayer of connection to be received. 
  • Wait for a sign… there always is one… and then leave your offering to return home.
  • Take a detox bath to purify: we include a cup of baking soda and a cup of rock salt.  Play the audio offered in the vision part of the newsletter, or some music of your chosing and make it special for you… ie, candles, essence oils…

Enter the Silence


Better Co Creation begins with Creating Time for Life to Happen:  during your bath just relax.  No phones, no little hands… or big hands for that matter… tapping at the door disturbing your sacred moment.  Just you, the vibration of the music.  All these elements born from Earth and Spirit, and Human Inspiration strengthen the crystalline codes within you that hold you supported in the evolving times we experience.  Through our rituals we support Earth and You. 


Ritual: Rolling Bones


Vision Tomorrow


Ideally, listen to this while taking your bath… but if not, and you chose some music, enter the journey at some point just before bed to raise your  awareness of your connection to Earth and Spirit, and you mind find the whirlwind of the mind… of this time… calms.  "It's your turn," Grandpa said, who then went to the other side of the veil.  Will we each play our part?

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