Blessings Dear Light Family!

This past week was extreme, intense and emotional is an understatement.Yup, it was pretty grueling, all those deep,
rooted, unconscious, subconscious, ancient emotions, beliefs,
aspects finally came to the surface for me to feel and allow.

I pretty much slept, ate and cried what seemed like all day, every day.
From a human perspective it was a version of hell and purgatory
all at the same time.
I got to experience an immense amount of separation, relive extreme
distortions from other existences and in those moments is when I felt
how inconceivable apart I was from the pure essence that we are.
It's this deep, intense realization of what the old unconscious world brought forth, what we allowed as unconscious beings, all the pain and suffering we have caused and endured and it all came with this intense choice of being finally and completely done with it all. Choosing to dissolve every bit and ounce of it no matter what.

I don't know how else to explain it but it makes sense. We have suppressed so much inside that we have not allowed ourselves to feel just how deeply disconnected we've been all this time and it isn't until you feel it fully, and remember all of the most drastic experiences of pure hell that you say "NO MORE."
I've done my dues and paid my dues at some level and I am ready
to return back to my pure state of being.
I've come to understand why some part of humanity will physically choose to go through extreme scenarios in the upcoming phase so that it can consciously choose the opposite.
For some of us, we will choose to go all in on this experience and
feel it fully without calling it forth as a reality in this body,
we just get to go all in with the emotion and allow all memories,
thoughts, beliefs to come up so we can fully clear them.

As more and more of us embrace the emotional clearing journey
of the ascension process all on our own without a physical
experience the faster things will progress individually and
collectively. And in that choosing the sooner you come back to a
space of deep peace, deep love and  Soul remembrance of all that you really are.

It's so beautiful and magical and we all are ready and can
experience it more and more no matter what is going on in our
perceived world. There is so much happening at a much deeper level.
There is so much unraveling that will support us more and we
have to continue to go within, feel it all and choose to remember fully.

Our bodies are upgrading at a ridiculous rate and it is
quite exciting even though sometimes the ego aspect creeps in and
instills fears in us. Keep choosing your Higher Self, keep allowing
your LightBody to upgrade and clear and integrate however it needs to.
If things get too intense, ask your body what it needs. It might
need to release suppressed emotions, it might need you to connect with your inner child, it might need more movement or rest or nature.
There is so much, one size just doesn't fit all when it comes to
the body. We are all feeling similar things but continue to tune
in inside for your own personal messages so you can further assist your body in this process.

Energy Shifts

Every day we are being flooded with energies, frequencies, light codes, literally non-stop. I am starting to hear them and feel them more all over my body and it's been quite fascinating. They are shifting so much within us and there will be a moment in which your whole reality won't matter as much as your Light, your journey, your body because the more you focus on you the more your reality gets
simpler, smoother, magical and expansive in so many ways.
The old ways of living and existing are not the norm anymore. The
old ways of creating are shifting drastically. The old ways of
allowing, receiving and serving are re-aligning at a Soul level
in ways that are far too vast to comprehend with our linear mind.
We just have to keep being open, keep allowing, keep surrendering
no matter what this means. If your whole life has to be re-organized
and re-prioritized then do it, who cares about anything else. If
you are being called to move, re-locate, travel and shift focus, then
trust that there is a Higher Purpose for all of this.
If you are being guided to do things that just don't make sense,
don't follow the old logic, don't align with what's happening in the
"outside" world, then it's normal because we didn't come here to
follow the old rules anyway so you're on path.
Trust in that deep inner guidance and allow yourself to just flow.
Let go of the old and allow the new to come forth.

Light Code Frequencies

I've been tuning in more and more to the frequencies coming
through by putting earplugs on and keeping them on all day.
Especially when I sleep or rest so that I can tune deeper to them.  
It's been so profound and so simple all at the same time.
I don't even have to consciously do the deep inner work when I
do this. I know others may be different but I feel that if we
just allow, open up and receive this codes more consciously, while
relaxing the body and opening up our mind to it all, these codes
do their thing. I don't have to direct the energy, I don't have
to command anything, I don't have to "try" to do anything that
my old human self thought I needed to do to clear and "heal"...
it's just so purely magical and simple.
This is part of reversing the polarity of the old mentalities that
we've been programmed with of having to work hard at some level,
having to do something hard and difficult to earn it or be deserving
of it all when in reality we already are deserving of it just by
being Light. We just have to allow these frequencies to come through
and shift things, re-code things, re-calibrate and everything else
that they do. Not to say that you don't have to do anything, because
that's just not the case, we came here to fulfill missions and do
service work for humanity but as we allow all these codes to upgrade
our bodies and template, things begin to divinely flow in this
seamless current of magic. It's awesome!
As we allow these codes to integrate, we get to shift our entire
focus to ones that align with these new codes, we get to act and be
from this completely different place that doesn't come from the
mind but comes from your whole heart, body and field. It makes
things so pure and simple and smooth which is exactly what we are
at our core.

August Energies

As we navigate the upcoming energies of August, LionsGate, 8/8 and so much more it's important to continuously embrace this journey fully,
no matter what. All types of emotions are going to come up,
our relationships are going to show us more, our identities are
going to continue to dissolve, our attachments to the old are going to
be harder to keep, our belief systems are going to continue to get
challenged, our jobs, careers and finances will continue to shift and
change and it's all part of the process. The more you are conscious
of what's happening the more you'll be able to flow with ease and
grace honoring every aspect of it.

I shifted some of my own offerings for the month as well so click
each button below to read more and if it is aligned with where you
are and what you are ready to receive come and join us.

We are all moving to the next phase of our journey and it is
going to be important to release more, feel more, allow more,
embrace more and hold more of our pure Light.

I know we are ready and I know we are prepared to go all in.

Believe in who you are and trust!

In peace and gratitude,

Samantha SolBright Rodriguez ☼

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