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Tom's Magnificent Machines

I was really surprised to find how few reviews this picture book has on Goodreads. Between the sweet story and Ben Mantle’s unique machines, this picture book is a winner. It deserves a larger audience. 
​By Linda Sarah
Illustrated by Ben Mantle

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Would you believe that I read this for the first time last week? I can hardly believe it myself. I love that it left me wondering where Harold began and why there is nothing in Harold's world except what he creates himself. It seems like a really deep well and I would love to talk about it in more detail. 
By Crockett Johnson

  • The mistake of a single story​ is to misunderstand an entire race, religion, or culture. Yet, even when we hear multiple stories we tend to focus on one in particular or don't recognize that the stories can all be true at the same time. We may even use one story to invalidate another.
  • There are two conflicting approaches to blogging that I have tried to reconcile: writing what comes naturally and writing with a focus​. I want most of my attention to go towards publishing and everything else I do to point towards it. So, I should not create content for social media, a blog, or a newsletter as if they are the end goal itself. All content on my blog should be a natural extension of my publishing efforts and so they should contribute to them in a valuable way. This method should naturally narrow the focus of my blog and also keep me from taking too much time away from publishing. 

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My son has been trying to convince me that he will be "so careful with my spaceships" for the last hour. He holds one of them in his hand, but he wants to play with the collection. As he asks for the 100th time, "Please, Daddy, I will be careful," he drops the one in his hand. Undaunted, he continues to make empty promises that he won't break another one. 

I use Weebly as my WebHost. It is often touted as simple and inexpensive, which is true, but it is also very buggy. Last week my newsletter and blogs failed to publish. I was bothered enough to consider dropping Weebly completely,

but I'm a sucker for second chances.



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